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Sheppard has never been more embarrassed, he's contracted an STD, from an indiscretion off world, and it's highly contagious, he even set off Atlantis' sensors with it. Beckett has quarantined John off in his quarters, with instructions that he stay there for the foreseeable future. McKay can't resist visiting John; and takes great pleasure in teasing him. What he's not expecting is that his brief visit causes him to contract the same disease, and Beckett confines them both to John's quarters.

I would like to see a story where Carson has military training and/or special ops training but is hiding his former life and skills and is "only a Doctor".Something happens Offworld and Carson is forced to use his skills. How will the rest of the team react and why did Carson hide his past? Could be Gen or Slash(Beckett/McKay or Beckett/Sheppard or McKay/Beckett/Sheppard)

AU on the SG-1 episode 1.21 Within the Serpents Grasp What if Daniel never went through the mirror and found out about the Goua'ld invasion? What if Daniel never went through the mirror and found out about the Goua'ld invasion? Apophis comes with his two Ha'taks and instead of destroying Earth he sets his queen to ruling over the planet after he suceeds and breaking down the planets military and subduing the governments of the world A group of people escaped the grasp of Apophis' Serpent Guards and formed a resistance after discovering ancient tablets in a broken museum which held great value, which they find will lead them to the location of the 'lost city' which could hold the key to rescuing Earth from the clutches of Apophis and his queen and son Include: Major Lorne and Doctor Weir at the least Include at least 3 other characters from: O'neill, Carter, Sheppard, Mckay, Daniel, Teal'c Relationships: Major Lorne/Weir Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 chose how high a rating you wish the story to have, Character Death in the story is optional

John Sheppard's Marriage was in trouble, and to please his Wife, he agreed to a Threesome with another man. John has never been with another man before, never wanted to be, and since he's in the Military, if anyone were to ever find out, the consequences would be severe. John's Wife is now using that threat against him, to degrade John, and force him to engage in further acts with men. John is miserable, and more broken than he could ever imagine being, made worse that one of the men that John's Wife brings home completely freaks at the prospect, and bolts, but when John bumps into that man, Rodney McKay, they've been left with enough to talk about, to be able to strike up a Friendship.

John,Rodney and Carson have been in a relationship for some time when SGA 1 and Carson go offworld and the three get separated from the rest of the team.They find some Ancient device which turns John and Carson into small children.How will Rodney deal with his little lovers since he doesn't like children very much and will the Atlantis crew be able to turn them back?

Working from the alternate dimension's Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter report, and now that Earth is protected from the Ori, the government feel justified in exploring the Pegasus Galaxy for technology to fight them with. Their only ZPM was depleted fighting the Ori, so are taking Daedalus to reach Atlantis. Everyone on the planet knows about the Ori, the Stargate, and the Ancient Outpost, but John Sheppard found out about it before most, when he had to fly Jack O’Neill out there, just in time to use it to save the planet! It's also there that John found that he had the Ancient gene, meaning that O'Neill could stay on Earth, and Sheppard could go to Atlantis. No one was particularly happy with that decision, but Carter's report said that Sheppard was already there in her reality anyway. In fact, most of the members of the expedition are those mentioned in Carter's report, those who are still alive anyway, and one of those members is Rodney McKay. It will take a couple of weeks to reach the Pegasus Galaxy, and Sheppard and McKay have nothing else to do but get to know each other.

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay grew up in the same small Town; they played together as children, went to school together, and finally fell in Love. John wanted to fly, something that the small Planes available to him, allowed him to do, but Rodney wanted to further his education, and that meant leaving, for a long time, and maybe never coming back, because an education wouldn't exactly be of any use in his Hometown. Rodney leaves, he leaves John, and then with a Doctorate, and PhD's in hand, does come Home. John hasn't waited for Rodney, he's gotten on with his Life, and their may not be a place in it for Rodney, and it may not be what either of them even wants anymore.

When the Expedition first arrives in Atlantis, and before the Failsafe was implemented, Sheppard and McKay are in the Jumper, when the City begins to Flood. They're transported back in time to when the Ancients still inhabited the City, both surviving the Jumper's crash. They remain in Atlantis after the Ancients evacuate to Earth, in order to sustain the City until the Expedition arrives. John and Rodney have barely said two words to each other, but decide to stay out of Stasis in order to get to get to know each other, and end up getting on each others nerves, but there's also an undercurrent neither is willing to admit to. Their next time out of Stasis, and they're pretty much unchanged, rotating the ZMP's, they know that this is going to be it for their Lives, and again decide to remain out of Stasis, this time around, getting very close, and going on to live their Lives together. Rodney and John are found in Stasis, John is unconscious, but Rodney is lucid enough to tell the story. Rodney also tells the other John and Rodney of his Relationship with his John, who also wakes up for long enough to tell his younger self that he loves Rodney, and also tells Rodney that too before they both Die. John and Rodney don't know how to act around each other, being told that in another time, you were not only in Love with, but spent a Lifetime with someone, does tend to make things awkward.

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon are preparing to go Offworld, when someone comes through the Gate unscheduled. Rodney McKay comes through the Gate, and it is definitely Rodney, only he's much older. His Wormhole hit a Solar Flare, and sent him back in time; he explains that he just destroyed his Atlantis. The Wraith had taken the City, Rodney himself had been Fed upon, and it was the only choice, but throughout the meeting, this Rodney can't take his eyes off of Sheppard. John is made a little uncomfortable, and Future Rodney admits that his Sheppard was killed, but there's also something more. Talking to Future Rodney privately, he tells John that they had been together, and that his John had died saving his Life, had died saving everyone's lives. John is spending a lot of time with Future Rodney, it's Rodney, but he's tempered, the way he speaks to John, is so easy, and so comfortable, for both of them, and they get very close, but Future Rodney is Dying, and John is desperate to find another Wraith, to reverse the Feeding, like it was reversed for him. Future Rodney Dies, after an undisclosed amount of intimacy between them, John is left with things unresolved, and his own Rodney having been pushed entirely to the side throughout his Counterpart's visit.

Sheppard and McKay are doing reconnaissance on Wraith movements, and have taken a jumper through a Space Gate, but heading back, something goes terribly wrong, and the Stargate is destroyed. They're nowhere near another Stargate, Daedalus in back in the Milky Way, is weeks away from Pegasus, and even further away from them. There are no inhabitable planets in the system, so they set course for the next, in hopes of finding one, but they're alone. Even if they do find a habitable planet, they're still going to be alone together, and right now, in a very small jumper, with very little food.

Take the situation in "Unending" in Sg-1 and switch to Atlantis personal. Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Carson, and whoever else you can think of. Have fun :-)

When a mistake and a tangle of NID lies robs John Sheppard of his Air Force career before it can truly begin, he finds himself travelling the world, looking for a new meaning in his life. He finds it during a public lecture done by the kind Doctor Carson Beckett during his trip to Scotland, And decides to apply for, and then receives a Student Visa for the one university the doctor regularly lectures at. After volunteering for one of the Doctor's Gene tests, He suddenly finds himself with an invitation to join the Doctor on a "Top Secret Mission". The only problem. It's run by the very Air Force that kicked him out in the first place. Labeled as Gen, but you can add relationships if you'd like.
Categories: General Characters: Carson Beckett, John Sheppard

McShep in the Terminator Universe

Texas born and raised John Sheppard, was raised to be Homophobic, and never exactly had a problem with that, after all, he loved girls, and nothing else interested him. Everything changes though when he meets Rodney McKay, someone that provokes his Homophobia, not necessarily because Rodney is Gay him, but because John is attracted to him.

An Ancient Device swaps Sheppard and McKay Consciousness', and it doesn't seem straightforward to swap them back. John hates being in Rodney's Body, feeling so unfit in comparison, and so out of shape, he's no match for Teyla when sparring, or Ronon when running, and starts pushing himself to get in shape, but falls foul of Rodney's Body's Hypoglycaemia, and Allergies. Rodney on the other hand is loving the change, he's fit, thin, and getting more than a little attention from people. He starts showing off the Body that John always underplayed, how strong it is, how effortless things are for him, and Rodney finds how much he likes Citrus. To John's he also rubbing it in; and Rodney is really getting on his nerves. He's jealous, he misses the attention, and he wants his Body back, but what's worse, is that he's actually a little attracted to himself.

I double dog dare you to write a story, a ficlet, a drabble - SOMETHING - involving John, Rodney and this item. Straight up SGA, AU, Xover with SPN, your call. I just really need to know what happens! "What item?" you may ask. Well, let me tell you! Apparently, the awesome super powers of telepathy, cryokinesis, psychometry, chronokinesis, invisibility and teleportation can all be yours! They are only a bid away...
on eBay!!!
So. I gotta wonder if it might be an Ancient artifact. It would make sense, with all those powers... On with the challenge: Write a story! Uhm. Please?
Categories: General Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay

Since his 'Ascension', McKay has changed in Sheppard's eyes, although no one else seems to have noticed, it's irking John, and he's becoming irate. Confronted, it was never Rodney, it was John; he was scared.

It's the 1800's, and John Sheppard is dying, he's contracted syphilis, and faces a terrible, and drawn out death. Despite his knowledge of science, his lover Rodney McKay can do nothing for him, but John is not willing to just give up. There is a Myth, that a cure for everything exists on the lost city of Atlantis, and with what time he has left, John searches for that city. Together, John and Rodney travel to Antarctica, where they discover the Stargate, and the way to reach Atlantis.

Separated from the rest of his Team, Sheppard is bested by a group of Wraith, and instead of being captured, or fed upon; he is brutally Raped by them. The others find him, but he doesn't tell them what happened, too ashamed to admit it. What's worse for Sheppard, is that he feels the need to do it again, to be taken that way again. Near desperate, he tries to find someone to do it, and he finds McKay, taking him to bed, and violently using him to satisfy a need, given to him by the Wraith. The more it happens, the more Rodney begins to care about John, but John doesn't associate Love with the act, it's just sex, riding Rodney, trying to take control, but still very much the victim. Rodney tries to change the nature of the 'Relationship' they have, to show John that the Sex doesn't need to be violent, that John doesn't need to be hurt, doesn't need to bleed, and doesn't need to feel ashamed. John's broken, tries to hide it with anger, and by lashing out, but he needs to break down, he's been hurt, and needs Rodney. And Rodney needs him, trying to make love to John and make this more than a continuation of the Rape.

Rodney McKay has never been able to handle his drink, something that he has managed to hide from everyone else on Atlantis, until getting particularly drunk one night, and have to have Sheppard help him back to his room. John has feelings for Rodney, and even though it could well be taking advantage of him, he feels that Rodney's giving out signals, and so makes a pass at him, something that Rodney doesn't reject. The next day however, Rodney doesn't remember anything, he never does, something John finds out all too clearly when he gets into Rodney's personal space, with an affection that shocks Rodney. Rodney genuinely doesn't have those feelings for John, and when he tells him as much, they're both left feeling awkward. John is agitated, and defensive, acting as though Rodney had been furious and disgusted, and told everyone what John had done, but Rodney hasn't, he wouldn't, and needs to clear the air. Rodney turns up at John's room, drunk, and all too easily, they sleep together, but Rodney was never drunk, and this time, remembers everything.