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I double dog dare you to write a story, a ficlet, a drabble - SOMETHING - involving John, Rodney and this item. Straight up SGA, AU, Xover with SPN, your call. I just really need to know what happens! "What item?" you may ask. Well, let me tell you! Apparently, the awesome super powers of telepathy, cryokinesis, psychometry, chronokinesis, invisibility and teleportation can all be yours! They are only a bid away...
on eBay!!!
So. I gotta wonder if it might be an Ancient artifact. It would make sense, with all those powers... On with the challenge: Write a story! Uhm. Please?
Categories: General Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay

I'm tired of skipping over stories because of John/Rodney slash. Let's have some interaction between the two as JUST FRIENDS. They are held captive off-world by an mad scientist who infects John with a retrovirus that turns him into something not human (other than Wraith or iratus). Rodney has to defeat the mad scientist, find the data needed to turn John back into a human, keep John from going crazy and killing him, and get them both back to Atlantis.
Categories: General Characters: None