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Other Results: 22 Challenges
Summary: Stories set in the Catalysis universe.

Open: Closed
Summary: A virtual season 5 that takes a very different route than the show itself. What if Teyla /isn't/ rescued in time? What if the war between the Wraith and Michael's army escalated? What if the people of Atlantis got well and truly caught in the middle? What if the enemies they faced really were a threat? The very beginning of the series is set in the 'canon' 'verse - after that, to quote Sheppard, "All bets are off."

Open: Moderated
Summary: John and Rodney meet as teenagers, but the road to love never runs smoothly.

Open: Closed
Summary: What if Major Sheppard had learned a bit more about the Ancient technology before he stepped through the wormhole and into the Pegasus galaxy?

Open: Closed
Summary: John becomes trapped by an Ancient device... but where & when?

Open: Closed