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Summary: For ten thousand years the city slept beneath the sea, dreaming of people she'd never met. Faces, names, lives all carefully teased from a mind in stasis, oblivious to her interrogation. Because Atlantis can wait, but she wants to know who she's waiting for.

This is the story of the city that might have been. An AI created to guide the Atlantis Expedition Janus knew was coming. An electronic symbiote limited by the harsh lessons learned from the Asurans. A powerful ally, hidden safely away and waiting...

Note: This AU is canon until The Siege (season 1), at which point the timeline splits. In this 'verse the Daedelus was not sent to Atlantis because the war at home has taken a turn for the worse and they cannot spare the firepower.

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Genres: AU - Alternate Universe
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Summary: Merry can't seem to loose the dashing, clever, and oh-so-handsome Colonel Sheppard, no matter how hard she tries. The life and times of Merry Steel, that girl.

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