Gentle reminder (brickbats only need apply)
I'd like to remind all authors that if they have any doubt whatsoever about their grasp of grammar, spelling or punctuation, they should seek a beta reader. We even provide a handy-dandy link on the right hand side of the page to a group we set up specifically to help you find one.

While we realise that everyone who submits to the archive is a fan - and we're all in favour of encouraging new writers to stretch themselves and to jump on in to the fanfiction water - at the moment we seem to be rejecting far more stories than we are accepting due to simple grammatical errors or typos that could, and should, be picked up by running a spellcheck never mind by a beta reader.

We want to remain as encouraging as possible, and we really don't enjoy telling people that their work can't be added to the archive, so please, if you're new to writing, or even if you know that there are any areas that you can improve in, seek a beta reader before you submit your stories rather than waiting until it is rejected.

Thank you.

Also, I would remind even those authors who have had stories already added to the archive that while we do try to be more lenient towards newer authors, by the time you've submitted a few stories we do expect you to have improved to the point where you have no difficulty in meeting our minimum standards. We have had quite a few instances recently where this improvement hasn't been made and we've been left in the unenviable position of having to reject stories by established authors.

I would also like to point out that since this post is about grammar and spelling it is inevitable - in fact it is an immutable law of the Universe - that it will contain at least one (and probably several) typos or other errors. Please feel free to point and mock when you find them.
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