Please read. This is very important stuff, here.

If you've read our rules when you joined the archive, or whenever you've uploaded a story (and we would hope you have :)), then you will be aware of the fact that while works in progress (WIPs) may be posted to the archive, we do say that in order to stay there, they should be regularly updated (Rule 7).

Now that the archive has been open for a year, we thought it was time to review the stories archived with us and ensure that they comply with this rule.

What this means is that starting after the holidays in January, Alyse and I will be and I will start identifying languishing WIPs.

Languishing WIPs mean all stories not marked completed where a new chapter has not been added in more than four months (which is a month longer than the rule). This does not include series made up of individual, completed stories (though we urge you to mark such series as 'Complete,' since each story in that series is complete).

Once we've identified these stories, we will mail the authors. The authors will then have two weeks to mark their stories as completed (if they are, but weren't indicated as such) or add a new chapter. After that, the WIPs will be removed from the archive. With the holidays, this should give authors an extra month to work on their stories.

(Please note: If we remove your WIP, you are more than welcome to resubmit it once you have added new chapters or completed it. We will be happy to re-archive them.)

So, this is a very, very good time to make sure that all your finished stories are marked 'Complete,' so they don't look like WIPs. You can do this by logging in, going to Your Account, and clicking on Edit/Delete Stories. Once there, you'll see 'Completed: no' (or 'yes) next to the title of each story. Click on the 'no' and it will become 'yes,' indicating that your story is complete.

Alyse and I will be doing this periodically from now on, so please be sure that you update your WIP stories regularly, and mark finished stories as 'Complete.' If you need any help with this, there are some instructions on the help page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or Alyse, either via e-mail or by leaving a comment for this news item.

Thank you,

Posted by: Leah on 14 Dec 2005 10:19 pm(15 Comments)
I just wanted to let you know that I *do* intend to complete 'The Glowing of the Shrew'. The last chapter was supposed to be written by Cynical Coat, but I haven't heard anything from her in some time. I don't mind if you still want to remove it from the archive, especially since I don't know when I'll have the chance to write it (or, indeed, what will happen in it, since I hadn't planned to write it).

Just thought I'd drop you a line.
Posted by: Ellex on 08 Jan 2006 2:39 am
Er, mine won't be completed until Feb/March...should I delete it and once it's finished repost it? Cause y'know I actually have to write it up *darkens*.
Posted by: HollyShannensAngel on 12 Jan 2006 10:49 pm
Hmm, I know I have a few stories that haven't been updated for a year but my writing has, I think, improved muchly since I started them and I was planning a fairly big beta and rewrite of them before I actually get *new* chapters up - I guess rewriting them won't count there though...

Posted by: PurpleYin on 15 Jan 2006 7:08 pm
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