Don't make me release the Flying Monkeys, people!
As you all are aware, this archive is a moderated archive, which means that the vast majority of stories submitted to the archive are reviewed by Leah or I before they're validated and added. This is to ensure that they meet the requirements of the archive in terms of quality, content and formatting.

Now, Leah and I pride ourselves on getting to and validating stories as quickly as possible, despite the fact that we both have other commitments like jobs and families. It's very, very rare that a story is in the queue for more than twenty four hours and where they have been it's been unavoidable - either we've not been able to get online or there's something that Leah and I need to discuss before we can validate it. And even those stories are usually validated within 36 to 48 hours of submission.

Unfortunately, Leah and I still regularly receive mails from people wanting to know why their stories have not been validated, even though their stories haven't been in the queue a full day by that point. For some reason 16 hours seems to be a favourite length of time between submitting and chasing us. I have no idea why. I assume it's one of the unknowable mysteries of the universe.

Maybe there's a rip in the fabric of space and time.

I'm not actually singling anyone out - because as I said this happens a lot or I wouldn't be saying anything :) - but can I please ask people to be a little more patient about the whole submission process? While I'm thrilled that you're all so keen to have your stories added to the archive, mailing us so soon after submission is not going to get your story validated any faster. All that happens is that when we finally get a chance to get online in the evening and check our mail to see if any new stories have been submitted, your mail is sitting there right alongside the new submissions notification. And we can't validate it any earlier than that because neither of us has a time machine :) (although that would be really, really cool).

So, please, give it at least three or four days before you mail us. That way I won't have to release the flying monkeys and frankly that just gets messy for everyone :)
Posted by: Alyse on 25 Jan 2006 6:53 pm()
*hugs* cos you both need it.

And Alyse, dude, flying monkeys are so cool. I mean, if they were cool in The Wizard of Oz, they're cool anywhere and everywhere. And I really, think we all ought to have flying monkeys of our own. Monkey one-McKay and monkey two-Sheppard (cause we all know Rodney'll out rule John-heh).
Although, it'll be a case of: would I want a flying monkey, named McKay or a penguin, named Sheppard? Yea, kinda went off track there...still.

And btw, I apologize for the whole dude thing. What can I say? Blame it all on Finding Nemo-heh.
Posted by: HollyShannensAngel on 25 Jan 2006 7:43 pm
Dude! Heh.

And Leah and I are firmly believed that we need an army of Flying Monkeys. I mean... why would we need an Army of Flying Monkeys? It's not like we're planning to take over the Galaxy or anything.

::shifty look::
Posted by: alyse on 25 Jan 2006 8:38 pm
*glances at alyse and whispers* i've got a good deal on bobbed-tailed flying monkeys. just have to work on their navigation skills a bit. no rudder, you see.

kam :)
Posted by: Kamelion on 28 Jan 2006 10:11 pm
Not at all a nag... just a couple of quick questions on the archive:

1.) Why does Beckett/Sheppard still list 22 stories? When I go into the category and count the stories there are 26. (I'm afraid people won't notice there are new stories there)

2.) Why does the archive sort by the date of the month that a story was posted on? A story posted on the first of the month (any month) rises to the top of the list, a story from the 31st falls to the bottom. Makes it hard to comb a category for new stuff.

Thanks for the awesome job you guys do!
Posted by: Waldo on 20 Feb 2006 9:49 pm
a) I have no idea, but I've fixed the category count.

b) I have no idea why it does that. I assume that it's something hard coded into the archiving software. I'd suggest using the recent additions page, although I realise that it only shows the last 100 stories, or subscribing to the RSS feed, which does the category that new additions are added to, and provides a live update service.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
Posted by: alyse on 21 Feb 2006 7:46 pm
Oh no! Flying monkeys! *goes to read every rule in the book, lol!*
Posted by: Lee Davies on 22 Apr 2006 4:48 pm
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