Stories losing paragraph breaks.
You know that bit next to the story submission box, which says that the software lets you use [br] tags in html?

It lies, man. It lies like a dawg!

If you're one of the authors who has been having problems with losing line breaks in stories, and you are coding your stories like this:

This is the first paragraph.[br][br]This is the second paragraph.

that might explain the problem. The software removes all the [br] tags and instead puts its own in wherever you've hit return instead. Because the above example doesn't have any hard returns in it, it ends up looking like one paragraph when it's added to the site.

If you're coding them like this:

This is the first paragraph.[br][br]

This is the second paragraph.[br][br]

then it will still look fine, because although it takes out the [br] tags, there are hard returns between paragraphs, where it then puts its own [br] tags. [p] tags will also work fine, but again if you are leaving space between paragraphs as well, you'll end up with extra break lines between paragraphs. Because it's just awkward like that. Apparently.

This is why we suggest that for preference you use text files (with some amends for italics and bold) all the way, baby! And Notetab, because it rocks like a rocking thing.
Posted by: Alyse on 06 Feb 2006 10:30 pm(16 Comments)