As it says in the rules, neither Leah nor I are great fans of warnings, so the site has a minimum number of warnings in place. However, that being said, we're aware that there's been a recent concern raised about certain story topics and the desire for some readers to be warned about certain items ::cough::mpreg::cough::.

And given that we're benevolent dictatorial types, we've added another warning to the list of available warnings, so that, if you wish, you can let your potential readers know that there might be something in the story that has them sucking on their teeth and flailing for the back button.

May squick.

Use it wisely, Padawans. Besides, you know what they say. One fan's squick is another fan's bullet proof kink.
Posted by: Alyse on 02 Jun 2006 9:26 pm(18 Comments)
Thanks, Alyse :-) Even though I put a note at the top of the story to say it was MPreg, I still got someone sending me a mini-rant by way of review. Perhaps knowing the story may have a squick factor for some people will make a potential reader stop and check the author note more carefully in future.
Posted by: Tarlan on 03 Jun 2006 7:36 pm