Story submissions turned off
Okay, I've turned story submissions off until we're back from holiday. I have, however, gone through and set the archive up so that all of those authors who are on automatic validation can still add stories to the archive.

Just a reminder that automatic validation is given to those authors who have consistently met the minimum required standards of the archive, have complied with the archive rules and who are adept at using the software (i.e. don't submit stories without paragraph breaks, put things consistently in the correct category, don't submit sequels as standalones etc.) over a long enough period of time that it finally dawns on us that 'oh, that person can do it!'

So there will still be some stories to read, hopefully. And those authors who aren't quite ready for automatically validated status can still read and respond to reviews.
Posted by: Alyse on 22 Jul 2006 1:02 pm(15 Comments)
I hope you two are having a blast on your holidays, and of course due to Murphy's Law I've got about 5 submissions to spam you with when you return ^_^
Posted by: Mardahin on 07 Aug 2006 3:02 am
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