Wraithbait 2.0 is live!
Thank you for your patience while we upgraded! Alyse has completed the upgrade to Wraithbait, and while we know there are a few issues to tweak, the functionality is all there, new and improved.

Firstly, we owe a HUGE debt of thanks to Aithine who went way, way above and beyond any call of duty, and basically rewrote portions of the software so we could upgrade and not lose our hair doing it.

Alyse too, who spent huge amount of time on tweaking the code and the skins - and then spent last night and today sweating over a hot computer.

There are a number of changes -- which you are welcome to poke around and discover! Feel free to sign up, sign in, and play! (Note from Alyse: don't break it!)

FYI: a quick look at the four biggest changes.

First, there is a new and improved search facility! Yay!

Series and challenges are now handled differently. Please bear in mind that because of the new way Wraithbait handles series and chapters within stories, links to particular chapters will no longer work. Links to a story as a whole should be fine.

You can now have more than one author on a story as long as each author has an account on Wraithbait -- no more creating a new 'x-and-y' account!

Lastly, you can now submit stories in more than one category -- if your story is both Sheppard/McKay and Zelenka/Grodin you formerly had to pick one of the two and submit the story as a whole under Multiple Relationships. Now you can simply submit it under each relationship category. Additionally, the category formerly known as Cross-genre, for stories containing both slash and het relationships, is now known as Bitextual.
Posted by: Temaris on 28 Apr 2007 9:25 pm(16 Comments)
I just thought I would ask this now (and in a public fashion so as to possibly ask the question and get an answer for more than just me?) -

But is it possible to make a story (with multiple chapters) into a series, without removing it from the site and starting from scratch? Or is this wishful thinking on my part?

The site looks wonderful, by the way! What ever insanities this upgrade causes, will be well worth it in the end, it's beautiful!
Posted by: FallenPride on 29 Apr 2007 5:09 am
Hey, wonderful new look. I love that I can have McKay as a background even w/o signing in. The over all new look is great too.

However, I've run into a few snags. The first is trying to contact you. I could not find a contact option anywhere. It's probably hidden and would have bit me if a snake, but I did look by clicking on the names of the archivers (you did great guys!) and got their story lists, but no contact information.

The next snag I stumbled on, is when I was trying to respond to some feedback for one of my stories. Some of the words went off screen and the box didn't shift so I could be sure the words not shown were spelled right. Also, when I clicked finished, I got error messages...did I do something wrong?

The third snag was when I was reveling in the new search engine where you can look up stories by your faveorite character and stuff. I admit, I'm a McShep buff and I entered slash, Mckay, Sheppard, complete as I wanted any warnings, catagory...etc and I got no results. Does this mean I have to be more selective or is it possible to have an 'any' added or am I being too pushy?

Even w/ the snags, the site is really looking good and has expanded wonderfully. And since I have you do I go about changing over a series that is listed as a story into the series catagory or do I have to re-submit every chapter all over again?

Thanks again guys for all the wonderful and hard work you've done.
Posted by: Mystic on 29 Apr 2007 7:20 am
Move to series:

You can attach a 'series' marker to any stories, and you can create a 'series' which currently contains only one 'story'.

This means that you can mark your current work as a series.

What you cannot do is split up a current story into different stories without resubmitting it.
Posted by: alyse on 29 Apr 2007 9:16 am
I really do not like the new search engine its way to complicated to use, there should be something like the original search engine without the limitations it had
Posted by: Lightbane on 01 May 2007 12:44 pm
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