Avast me hearties!
It be talk like a pirate day t'morrow, an' I be wishin' ye all the best of plunderin' and lootin'. In honour o' the occasion, I'll be drawin' yer attention to a few new licks o' paint we be givin' this ol' ship o' ours. Ye may ha'e seen 'em already, on account of me changin' the default style o' the site to 'surprise me!' in true Pirate stealthy fashion (or be that the accursed Ninjas?). There be a Teyla one - an' a fine pirate she makes too, hidin' stealthily amongst the other skins to catch ye by surprise - an' a couple o' lighter ones for ye not so inclined to heavy seas - minimalist and elegance2.

We tried our hand at pressgangin' those landlubbers McKay and Sheppard into joinin' our fine piratical crew, but they turned out to be not so nautical in nature - or p'rhaps that was me piloting skills being lackin'. Ne'er fear, though. They'll be back shortly, wi' the other skins that be sailing back into port on the 20th of this fair month. We will also be keepin' the two pirate skins - Teyla and Ronon - around for a bit, so if ye still feel like sailin' wi' those skins, ye'll be able to.

I be headed to me hammock shortly, ready to steer me ship into treacherous waters on the morrow an' doin' me own plunderin' - or bein' plundered, dependin' on how ye view the world o' work - so I'll no be checkin' the site until t'morrow eve, but ha'e fun and remember to be takin' what you can and givin' somethin' back!
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