A Gentle Reminder About the No Character Bashing Rule
Rule number seven of the archive reads thus:

No character bashing stories. Character bashing includes, but is not limited to, making characters look bad because you think that they are a threat to your OTP or your favourite character; making characters look bad because you think it makes your favourite character look good in comparison; characters acting severely out of character - plotting murder, committing rape, beating the hell out of people - for no good reason that is explained in the story when there is no indication in canon that they would behave in such a way. Please note that this does not mean that we don't accept dark stories, but if your canon character reads as though they are cackling wildly and swirling a black mustache, or weeps, wails and has a streak of yellow ten foot wide while someone else saves the day, you've probably crossed the line into character bashing.

I'm putting it here because we've had a very small run of character-bashing stories lately, but a run nonetheless, and it therefore seemed time to remind everyone that it is not something this archive can accept.

Given the above, if you are going to post a story where you feel you need to warn the audience that you are bashing a character, you are breaking the archive rules. Please don't do it. :)

Edited to Add: We are not planning on removing any stories already in the archive--if they are here, it's because we've already gone over them and found them compliant with the archive rules. This was a reminder for anyone considering posting a new story.

Posted by: Leah on 09 Feb 2008 5:27 am(20 Comments)
Does that mean you are going to take those story off the archive ? (given the one I have recently read I do hope you can)

You'll have to be more explicit about the ones you mean, since we read every story that gets posted, we would have already found them acceptable.
Posted by: lysambre on 13 Feb 2008 8:20 am
If you are going to remove stuff please be very careful. I know that there are some out there that may be seen as character bashing but fit in the context of the story.
I assure you, every story that is in the archive has already been vetted by the archivists. We have no intention of removing any stories. This was a reminder for everyone who is going to post new stories. :) I feel that if there is a problem the person should be told in a private message and then if nothing is done then they should have the stories removed.
I only say this because it can be a subjective thing and sometimes it is hard to know if you are character bashing.
I would also like to know if this applies in AU stories. I mention this because there have been some stories that I have read that have had the characters doing things that are not in cannon but they have been good.
Posted by: flubber on 13 Feb 2008 7:36 pm

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Posted by: tertre on 14 Feb 2014 6:51 am
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