Captcha Codes
Good news -- our webhosts have fixed the Captcha problem, and any processes needing Captcha (reviews, joining the site, using 'contact') should now be working again.

Posted by: Temaris on 14 Mar 2010 7:35 pm(15 Comments)
I just got two spam comments on my stories Pods and Voice of the Sky. I deleted them, just thought you should know that spam filters aren't necessarily working all the time.
Posted by: Mice on 04 May 2010 4:33 am
Thank you for commenting here, we are also getting a lot of people reporting the spam using the 'report review' option. The news item above this one goes into what we're doing to combat the spam. I will just say that the captcha is working just fine, but it won't keep out a botnet with humans inputting the captcha portion. We've turned off anonymous reviews for the time being, and hopefully that will stop the worst of it.
Posted by: Temaris on 04 May 2010 6:04 am