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Reviewer: Cat (Anonymous)
02 Aug 2009 5:54 pm
I just sat and read all of this over 2 days, really loved it. Will there ever be more?

Author's Response: I've been doing a lot of paying writing in the last couple of years. I do have another story in the series started but I don't know when it will get finished. I do intend to try!rnrnThank you!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: shirusee (Signed)
07 Aug 2008 3:27 pm
I have to admit I never pictured Rodney and Carson together before this fic but now i'm hooked!!!! thanks! any idea when you'll post more?
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Ami (Anonymous)
04 Mar 2008 12:16 am
Wow, that was very long and very lovely. Are you going to be adding more eventually? I'm very looking forward to seeing Rodney and Radek together. :P That and having a different storyline for Carson... how could they kill him off?! Not that they haven't brought him back in various forms, but still... I want a better ending than that!

Author's Response: I'm actually working on edits for MSP season one for a zine right now, and have about 16 or 20 pages of MSP25 where Carson turns Shep into a bug going right now. There's no way I'm planning on killing Carson off! How dare they! I want a better ending than that, too, trust me. And thanks so much for your comments :D
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
17 Feb 2008 12:07 am
I read all of this a while ago, but the stupid computer wouldn't let me review. Ah well, it's working now.
I absolutely love this, all of it. It's the one of best things I've seen on this site. You write the characters really well, and the emotional stuff has a lot of impact, really. I ended up bawling my eyes out at several points.

Author's Response: Oooh yay, bawling your eyes out! Fear not, there shall be more to this series!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Jantique (Anonymous)
15 Feb 2008 5:20 pm
This is a WONDERFUL series! Absolutely bloody marvelous! Read and enjoy!
**** (4 star)
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Korilian (Anonymous)
19 Mar 2007 9:01 pm
Damn! Just... Damn! I loved your flailing Rodney, but damn that was some improbably rough sex! I mean, two fingers? If you're not even gonna use lube, at least take a little more time to prepare! Carson's a doctor for Christs sake! And real considerate, not taking a moment to ask if he's done this before. Why yes, the trail and error basis is much more fun with the possible agony and tearing... (but since this is fic and I'm fully capable of suspending my disbelief, it was cute and hot)(seriously though. Research the GAY SEX)

Author's Response: Actually, Rodney was pretty specific about it having been "a long time" -- therefore strongly implying that he'd done it before. No lube, but yes, spit will do it if necessary, especially if it's got a few good loogies in there. Research the gay sex? Honey, I've done the gay sex. I think you'll find the rest of the series slightly less requiring of suspension of your disbelief, however I'd recommend reading it over on my website at because that's where the current and edited versions are posted, with names corrected for canon and all that. And thanks, I'm glad you liked flailing!Rodney.
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
27 Nov 2006 3:22 am
this cant be the end amazing fic loved reading it was hoping radek and rodney would hook up even if it was just once. I hope one day if youre realy board you might consider adding a chapter.

Author's Response: I'll be writing more, I'm just really busy with other work right now. Fear not!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
26 Nov 2006 9:42 pm
oh I really like how you done this chapter but now im feeling really sad because I only have one chapter left

Author's Response: Fear not, there will be other stories in this series. I'm about 15 pages into MSP 25: The Catherine Wheel, but I have a paying book project in the works and that takes first priority. Please feel free to drop by my website and check out my other stuff as well!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
25 Nov 2006 5:31 am
oh an other great chapter I love carsons family apart from the stupid uncle. carsons mum is just great. Im geussing this was written befour gay marage became legal in Scotlsnd. Oh well of to bed it is half 5 in the morning. Ill hopfully get a chance to read the ext chapter tomoz.

Author's Response: Yes, it was written slightly before it became legal in the UK. I'm very pleased that the story has been so engaging for you and that you're enjoying it. Thanks for commenting!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
25 Nov 2006 4:25 am
It is me agne still loveing youre fic is takeing me along time to read. so many times ive felt like crying like when peter died. One thing we have the pound in Glasgow not euro. there is so much agnst in this fic but still love it.

Author's Response: Yeah, others have commented on the pound/euro thing. Pretend it's an AU ;)
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2006 11:13 pm
im enjoying it so far but iys going to take a while to read all the chapters. I dont know if ill ever forgive u for the line backwater sheep-shagging hole like Glasgow but if I like the rest of the chapters I might

Author's Response: Eh, that's just Rodney being Rodney. He doesn't actually mean it. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the other stories in the series. You can get corrected versions over on my website, along with cover graphics for many of the stories as well.
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Super_Gecko_Girl (Signed)
07 Sep 2006 2:12 am
I was just wondering, how do you pronounce zkurvysyn? Just for the purpose of using it, you know? If you don't know, it's okay.

Author's Response: You'll have to ask one of the Czech speakers. I have no idea how to pronounce any of it, I just get help from the Czechs over on LiveJournal and such. BTW, the Czech has been corrected from its previous mangled state in the story versions on my website. LJ i_icie would be a good person to ask how to say the word.
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Super_Gecko_Girl (Signed)
04 Sep 2006 5:41 am
*squeak* They are both just too awsome... I should have reviewed this a long time ago, because now I can't remeber all of what happened, because I can't diferentiate between chapters. With book series, I couldn't tell you which ones what were in, it's nothing personal. And I fanally uploaded my drabble, just thought you might like to know.

Author's Response: I'm very pleased you enjoyed them. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm just glad you've been liking my stories.
Moments Sacred and Profane - Prelude
Reviewer: (Anonymous)
03 Sep 2006 2:01 am
I love it PLEASE write more or one like this with Sheppard and Weir. I loved this fic. Love the pairing and all. It's one of my faves. Thank you for posting it.

Author's Response: I'm pleased you're enjoying the series. I've got a current story in the works, though paying writing comes first at the moment. Feel free to check out my other stories over on my website at as well!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Super_Gecko_Girl (Signed)
17 Jul 2006 5:09 am
HI! I heart this story. I heart it so much, I couldn't stop reading it for a week. You capture character very well, which is cool, and you build on stories EXREMELY well. I love love love love love it. Keep 'em comin'. ^^^ (

Author's Response: Thank you. If you like these, please check them out at my website at -- a lot of the stories have cover graphics there!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: tonya (Anonymous)
06 Jul 2006 7:15 am
This is a good story. I just hope you don't have carson and geoff get together. That would so ruin my image of carson and i think the story. But a good threesome with radek would be nice.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Different people have requested different things, but really, the characters are what decide it for me. I have to see how it all feels as I write it and what the characters want. I know that no matter what I do, I can't please every reader, but I hope you'll enjoy what happens regardless.
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Christi (Anonymous)
02 Jun 2006 4:02 am
You are such a tease, but i love it! I can wait untill something happens between redek and rodney!! hurry, i'm dying here!!! I love your story so much, it is definatly one of my favorites keep up the good work

Author's Response: Give our boys time. This stuff doesn't happen instantly in real life, and Rodney's still trying to wrap his head around the whole concept of polyamory, poor dear.
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: margec01 (Anonymous)
30 May 2006 11:30 pm
I've enjoyed this entire series, especially how you successfully interweave your vision with canon. Just a teeny bit AU here, but an excellent method of meshing what we saw with what (almost) really happened. (g) Thank you for a wonderful series.

Author's Response: Thanks -- I figure by season 3 I'll be a lot AU, especially concerning Rodney's sister, but that's okay. I'm just having too much fun writing this series.
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Lee Davies (Anonymous)
29 May 2006 10:13 pm
OMFG, I LOVE this story! Chapter 3 was my favorite. The line with Nessie... PRICELESS!

Author's Response: I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Thank you!
Moments Sacred and Profane
Reviewer: Darklady (Anonymous)
29 May 2006 1:29 am
Thank you.

Author's Response: You're welcome.
Moments Sacred and Profane