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Reviewer: Vee017 (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 11:10 pm
Okay, I love this story. LOVE, love, love, love, love. It's amazingly written (this chapter was quite short though *playful mock glare* and I love it to pieces. Wodnerful characterizations and backstory. And poor John! ah man. Very vidid slave descriptions, it really gives a sense of everything he's gone through. And Sumner's dead! Is Ford next in line? *shakes head* If Sumner didn't have to much animosity against John he could have been out there saving Atlantis from the Genii, but noooooooooooo. And now John gets to hunt down the Genii. I can't wait until the next chapter! I love how you update every week and I commend you for it. I haven't updated any of my own fics in months due to course work and the like. And Rodney's new perspective. Does this mean he's going to ignore John's little advances and forget about taking more from him? And all this without explaining it to John, and therefore making him think that he did something wrong and Rodney doesn't want him any more, or might get rid of him thus producing chapters of uncertainty and guilty drama between them for a lot of chapters? I really hope that's not the case! I like that they're getting closer, and Rodney needs to show Jon that sex can feel good when it's done right. *wuvvles Rodney* Oh these poor boys. I love this universe you have created. Seeing an update from you is always a highlight to my day. Thanks for this and I hope to read more soon!
Chapter 13
Reviewer: sammy (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 5:18 pm
woohoo! go john! cant wait for more!
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
24 Feb 2007 4:20 pm
Nicely done... waiting .... impatiently... for more.....
Chapter 13
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 2:00 pm
oh you have to add more soon this is getting really good god i hope its a happy ending but i really dont want this to end so i hope it ends up lots of happy chapters :)
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Lisa (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 12:46 pm
You are very evil!! Cutting off just as the voice was about to sound on the radio! Great chapter. I love the way you showed john and rodney's growing feelings for one another. Even better was that there was still doubts, it made them seem very real.
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Fenchurch1 (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 11:56 am
too short!!!
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Crazy_obsessed (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 10:00 am
I was wondering which direction you were going to take this fic and this is fantastic. Such a good idea, but really you stop there!! Thats just torture. Can't wait for more:)
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Mary (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 9:40 am
Nooooo! You can't just stop there - I want to see John kick the Genii's ass in new and different ways, or any which way, just...way to go, slave!John. Next chapter, please!
Chapter 13
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 6:33 am
I'm hazzarding that John had a chance to move anything useful before Sumner caught up with him. Good stuff.
Chapter 13
Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 5:01 am
Great Chapter! This is getting better and better. Finally, someone who rememberes and understands that Sci-fi is truly best at suppplying food for thought as well as action and adventure. Thanks so much for sharing.
Chapter 13
Reviewer: seekergeek (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 4:13 am
Is it evil of me to cheer that Sumner is dead? Great chapter, and I so hope that Rodney doesn't do something stupid to confuse John.
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Kathy (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 3:55 am
another wonderful chapter,
Chapter 13
Reviewer: Silly (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2007 12:15 am
more please!
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: Mardahin (Signed)
20 Feb 2007 12:15 am
On the whole, I'm really intrigued by the world you've built here. My one con-crit is regarding Rodney in this last part. I'm really surprised that he's taken John's 'affections' at face value; Rodney's a smart guy, I'd have thought his initial reaction to John demonstrating affection toward him (specifically of a romantic nature) would have been "Oh, God, you've got Stockholm Syndrome. Wonderful. That does /such/ nice things for my ego." Because after all, he's (as far as he knows) the first person to show John any simple kindness in 3 years, and he also /does/ hold complete legal control over John's life. *Shrugs* I can see him getting past it, especially given time, but I can't see him disregarding it altogether. He's too well educated for that. Just my $0.02, though. Take with the prescribed metric tonne of salt.
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: Chali (Anonymous)
18 Feb 2007 1:47 pm
Love this story, though you took some confusing shortcuts in this chapter. Whats the thing Dr. McKay has to see? I got a feeling it isn't good. It never is. Update soon? *puppy dog eyes*
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: Fenchurch (Anonymous)
17 Feb 2007 6:16 pm
I can't wait a week! No, seriously! No no no no no no! (As Rodney would say!)
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: Jack_rocks (Anonymous)
17 Feb 2007 5:49 pm
You know, it's nice to see John and Rodney finally together.... but I was hoping for more tortured!John (both mentally and phisically) before that could happen. But there is still hope that might happen, right? ;) Keep the good work.

Author's Response: Just wait, things are not going to go smooth.
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: GBaby (Signed)
17 Feb 2007 5:16 pm
Since I´m an official sicko - LOVE THIS FIC!!! Might be the first one ever to add to my favs :) But... now all of my lunch has gone cold O_o Well, worth it! Definitly worth it! Yours GB

Author's Response: Well from Sicko to another thank you. Wow as far as I know this is my first save to Favs. I am all a tingle. :)
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: sammy (Anonymous)
17 Feb 2007 4:50 pm
yay another chapter. more!?
Chapter Tweleve
Reviewer: Adrienne Elly (Anonymous)
17 Feb 2007 3:07 pm
Yeay, the boys are touching! :-) I love it when they do the naughty, happy touching!! Looking forward ot the next chapter.
Chapter Tweleve