Reviews For Its Own Season

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Reviewer: songspinner (Anonymous)
16 Dec 2006 8:39 pm
Oh, how bittersweet and sweet at the same time. I loved John's decision to help Teyla and his waving off of the other two until she was ready, and his uncertainty of how to handle it. The connections between these four are clearly family and the sense of humor came through loud and clear without being jarring.

Author's Response: Yeah, I certainly meant for the story to come through as, even though Teyla lost one family, she's definitely gained another. In Atlantis as a whole, to a degree, but in the team, completely. When John and Teyla had their discussion in 'Sateda', my favorite part of it was that even with how bad John is at emotional comfort, Teyla (and the others really) can still easily translate it. ;) And mucho thankses, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :D
Its Own Season