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Reviewer: Twinfetish (Signed)
06 Jul 2009 4:44 pm
That is so true. They've been dating since the start of the show, how can they not see that?

Cute, I really liked it.
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
21 Apr 2008 5:17 am
I love how John went on the offensive after Rodney's bombshell of they had been dating. :)
Reviewer: WolfenMoondaughter (Signed)
19 Sep 2007 1:16 pm
"You spar with Teyla," Rodney said at last, voice low and awkward-sounding. "And you run with Ronon. And you and Ford had your macho mutual orgasms over things that go boom. This was our thing." His hands waved vaguely on the last word.

You broke me with that. And darn Radek! *shakesfist*
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
24 Dec 2006 3:37 am
Awww, about time they did something. :) That was sweet.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
24 Dec 2006 2:15 am
It seems so typical of Rodney to forget to mention the important fact that they've been dating, until two years have passed! Having said that though, how can John have been so clueless?! I loved the dialogue in this, the not quite finished sentences, the sweet and tentative moments. Didn't love Radek interrupting, but I guess it had to happen, 'cause this is John and Rodney and it can't ever be easy ;). Laura.
Reviewer: Bunny (Anonymous)
24 Dec 2006 1:17 am
Yes, exactly, now that they can't play the game, all they have left to do is fuck. [Totally dating!!!]
Reviewer: haggy (Anonymous)
23 Dec 2006 8:27 pm
now this is what really happened once Elizabeth had told them no more playing ;) yeesh but its not fair that they cut this bit from the episode .... huggles