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Reviewer: AtlantisWanderer08 (Anonymous)
17 Jul 2007 5:51 pm
HA! It was good!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you got a giggle out of it! :-D
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: girlgonemadd (Signed)
05 Jan 2007 11:40 pm
Yes, yes, you must write the return trip and what happens after! Now! That was really too funny.

Author's Response: Hee! Glad you liked it! Yes, the return trip will be written - that suggestion has already been dropped into the box. ;-) Thank you!
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
03 Jan 2007 12:58 am
Torture, but the good kind :). Poor John, so uncomfortable and worried and Rodney's own awkwardness not helping reassure him...until that last line from Rodney *g*. Laura.

Author's Response: Yes, how could John know that all that time Rodney was thinking, "Why should *he* have all the fun?" LOL
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: Mary (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2007 6:33 pm
Loved it! Yay for inappropriate erections! Rodney was delightfully supportive with his awkward shoulder pats and shy bladder. Hee. He should be rewarded for his good deeds by the chance to, um, bottom on the way home. And we should definitely hear all about it. Yes? Pretty please?

Author's Response: Rodney was a hero! And the trip home is looming in my Story Ideas folder. ;-) Thank you very much!
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2007 3:24 am
*L* Waay to enjoy a car ride. :)

Author's Response: Makes a person want to go on a loooong road trip, doesn't it? :-D
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: luvsciencegeeks (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2007 3:17 am
That was totally cute and totally hot! Loved it!

Author's Response: I'm glad! It was fun to write, I can tell ya!
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2007 2:44 am
Hehe, awesome. That was so well described. What lovely transportation.

Author's Response: Yes, I certainly wouldn't mind going for a ride in that waggon! Thank you, Jessica.
Good Vibrations
Reviewer: Robin (Anonymous)
01 Jan 2007 9:39 pm
OMG! What a way to start the year! I nearly died from laughing and it`s all your fault! ;) I think I should feel sorry for John - but, no, I really can`t. *g* Hopefully Rodney will have a little fun of his own on the ride back but I suppose John would rather WALK a thousand miles than ever get back in that vehicle... *snicker* So, great and very funny fic. Thanks! :)

Author's Response: You are welcome - I'm really glad you got a kick out of it! It's hard to say what's going through John's mind at the moment, but I don't think he's going to be walking home. ;-)
Good Vibrations