Reviews For Stenosis

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Reviewer: Becs (Signed)
24 Jan 2009 7:24 am
gosh, real life events huh? Well that had to suck. Cute story. :o)
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Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
17 Jan 2007 10:19 am
Poor Rodney and moreso the person who suffers from this in real life. Well written scene.
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Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
17 Jan 2007 8:06 am
Aww, poor guys. Terrible to have sickness ruin a nice romantic evening.
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Reviewer: T.C. (Anonymous)
17 Jan 2007 5:40 am
Ugh. You forgot the horrible nasty pain that comes with this, and using Nitroglycerin Spray to relax the esophagus with all it's lovely side effects (sick to stomach, pounding heart, imminant passing out). All my sympathies if this has happened to you....
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