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Reviewer: shepweir always (Anonymous)
16 Sep 2009 5:40 am
I can so see this happening at the end of The Eye episode. That is still one of my favorites. Love the way you created an exciting HOT ending.
The Storm
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
24 Nov 2007 8:20 am
Crap that was hot. I loved that episode. The emotion in John's voice when he thought Elizabeth dead... I can so see this happening. Man, sometimes I wish Stargate would show more of these kind of moments. But then it would be a different show. For some reason, violence is ok, but sex is not. *sighs heavily* Oh well. ;)
The Storm
Reviewer: ria (Anonymous)
17 Oct 2007 7:22 pm
i loved it, there should be some sort of sequal or continance:)
The Storm
Reviewer: Izzybaz (Anonymous)
18 Mar 2007 8:46 pm
Wonderful story! You write beautifully and with great description! Loved it.
The Storm
Reviewer: (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 12:49 am
sweet story and nice characterisation.
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Reviewer: seattlemary1979 (Anonymous)
09 Mar 2007 8:00 am
Awesome! Loved it! Totally in character, great writing, and oh so hot ^_^
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Reviewer: tracy-thenagginone (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2007 2:30 pm
Gawds that was fabulous. I dreamed that that happened... and now some one wrote it even better than I imagined. Hot, desperate, wonderful... so in character, so believable.... I mean how could it have not happened???? The rawness of John's voice when he thought she was dead... Oh yeah! BRAVO!!! I adore your fics!
The Storm
Reviewer: lala23 (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2007 3:44 am
*fans self* hot and in character. I love how you can do that so frakking well!
The Storm
Reviewer: Belamel (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2007 2:50 am
Wow! Hot het! Who would've thought. I really enjoyed this. It really could be a missing scene from The Storm. Love the characterization.
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