Reviews For Unforgettable

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Reviewer: lia (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 7:17 pm
This is great! Can't wait for the next chapter. Do we get Shep whumping, pretty please? He can't be not hurt after 3 weeks in their captivity...and you know Shep, would he ever not resist? Great work...keep it up!

Author's Response: Shep whump? Have you read any of my other fics? That's all I'm saying!
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
12 Mar 2007 5:26 pm
Ohh... Rodney with a gun and as the 'bad cop' is very nicely done... Lorne as the good cop works well... can't wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: I admit it, I had a really good time writing this scene. When Rodney goes bad, there's no stopping him!
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Reviewer: Ajay (Anonymous)
11 Mar 2007 3:57 pm
This continues to be exellent. Thank you

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully I can continue to uphold that standard!
In the Beginning
Reviewer: katie_kibble (Signed)
11 Mar 2007 1:25 pm
This chapter made me want to cry, in the same way as watching SG-1 whenever Jack and Sam are having one of their 'moments'. This story is just getting better and better =)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks!! Hopefully it will continue with that trend! *crosses fingers*
Dream a Little Dream
Reviewer: Sandy (Signed)
11 Mar 2007 4:56 am
Ha! As I suspected, it was Radek that hid the files, and his little plot that allowed memories to start coming back. Great story, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's been going on with Sheppard all this time.

Author's Response: Yes, I love Radek, he had to have a part in the story.
It Begins
Reviewer: Tria (Anonymous)
11 Mar 2007 1:14 am
This is a great beginning. You have me really excited and anxious about what's going on here.

Author's Response: Thanks!
It Begins
Reviewer: sentarla (Anonymous)
10 Mar 2007 10:52 pm
getting better and better. more please soon!

Author's Response: More will be coming in a day or two, and there's a whole lot more story to go.
In the Beginning
Reviewer: almond (Signed)
10 Mar 2007 8:13 pm
oh yeah, this is definitely getting more interesting each time! you have got a nice plot here really. hope to read some more soon! :)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks!! I'm so glad you like it, we still have a ways to go before the end.
In the Beginning
Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
10 Mar 2007 8:00 pm
Getting interesting... can't wait to see how it works out!

Author's Response: Glad you like it. There's still a lot of story to get through!
In the Beginning
Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
10 Mar 2007 4:44 pm
awesome keep them coming!

Author's Response: Thanks! There's still a lot more story coming ;-)
Dream a Little Dream
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
08 Mar 2007 10:40 pm
so happy you added more so soon realy want to know what is happening with the fake colonel and why is radek on the first contact team not rodney ??? hhmm

Author's Response: Answers are coming, but not all at once. Where's the fun in that? There's still lots more story to come.
Dream a Little Dream
Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
08 Mar 2007 9:13 pm
Ok nice interlude, but we need to find out what's happening with John. Who is the fake military co? More, we need more! Thanks

Author's Response: I love the enthusiasm!! Answers coming soon, but not too soon, and lots more story to go.
Dream a Little Dream
Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
08 Mar 2007 2:26 am
Rodney stealthy? Ha! That was good. But that's a good point from Elizabeth. John isn't perfect but we love him anyway! Nicely done!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks!! But Rodney *is* cunning ;-)
Stealth and Cunning
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2007 1:00 pm
im really liking this please add more soon hope they get john back

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! As for John... I'm not telling ;-)
Stealth and Cunning
Reviewer: Satanshaven (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2007 12:37 pm
Enjoying this!! Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that. I'm trying to update every two or three days. There's lots more story to go.
Stealth and Cunning
Reviewer: emma (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2007 7:41 am
Love it!

Author's Response: Thanks ;-)
Stealth and Cunning
Reviewer: Scififreak (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2007 7:37 am
Okay, this is a really interesting idea. I've very curious to see where this is going.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks! Hope you like where the story goes!
Stealth and Cunning
Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2007 6:53 am
More, please. We all need more! Thanks

Author's Response: I'm typing as fast as I can ;-) Thank you!!
Stealth and Cunning
Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2007 3:26 am
I love a mystery! This is just getting better. Go Rodney and Carson! Looking forward to next chapter eagerly. Thanks

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I'll get the next chapter up soon.
The Outline of the Puzzle
Reviewer: mercury973 (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2007 9:24 pm
Rodney to the rescue!!!! How could *anyone* forget Sheppard? Great start- keep going!

Author's Response: I kind of feel that way, too, but then i would have no story! Thanks so much for the kind words.
The Outline of the Puzzle