Reviews For As hands do

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Reviewer: fee_kh (Anonymous)
26 Jun 2007 9:03 pm
You know Rodney really proves the fact that on the high plateaus of genius there are undicovered pockets of stupidity.
He can be so dense sometimes. Loved the fic. Especially when he finally gets a clue
Reviewer: kibou_sueshijuu (Signed)
08 Apr 2007 4:34 am
break my heart will you? oh, john. he's so inept at this emotion stuff, isn't he?
Reviewer: syn_tax (Anonymous)
13 Mar 2007 10:26 pm
My favourite kind of fic - lol funny (the hat!), tender and romantic! Just perfect. Speak again, bright angel!
Reviewer: zaftig (Signed)
13 Mar 2007 1:14 am
Very nice & sweet.
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 10:27 pm
Yeah, Rodney gets it. :) Great piece.
Reviewer: enodemon (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 9:05 pm
Poisonous flower, hey? Very cute. I can actualy see him wearing it, too. Great job.
Reviewer: wiccan10 (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 7:35 pm
Sweet,I like it.
Reviewer: mercury973 (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 7:13 pm
Too sweet. Thanks for writing this. (i have a happy smile now)
Reviewer: sentarla (Anonymous)
12 Mar 2007 11:01 am
ohhhhh, that was sooo sweet.!! thanks!