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Reviewer: (Anonymous)
18 Mar 2007 4:29 am
HAhahahahahhahah! I still have a grin on my face after that one! Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. :)
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
16 Mar 2007 10:10 am
Heee. Poor John and Carson. I think Radek was right- all men have limits and John had reached his. Let's hope they finally get the chance to finish what they started :). How long before Rodney gets over his shock and starts calling them again? Laura.

Author's Response: Probably not too long, Rodney's not a patient man. :D There may or may not be a follow-up to this, I'm not sure yet. Glad you liked it. :)
Reviewer: Pgnpxi (Anonymous)
13 Mar 2007 6:02 am
*snort*That was great!:)

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it. :)