Reviews For Accord

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Reviewer: Tamda (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2009 11:26 pm
Damn, girl! You're gonna have D'awwww! be my default thought when I see the word punk... and seeing as I live 20 min from the largest collection of punkers in California, this is gonna be interesting!

Reviewer: kibou_sueshijuu (Signed)
08 Apr 2007 4:30 am
haha cuuuute. yay for aliens making them do it, lol. ^.^ that was a sweet ending, too. :)
Reviewer: Mystic (Anonymous)
20 Mar 2007 9:37 am
This was nice and enjoyable. I'm glad it was a simple ceremony that led to a great new begining. :>)
Reviewer: Mary (Anonymous)
20 Mar 2007 6:26 am
That? Was hilarious. Rodney having a learning disability, sitting at the kid's table - I was literally laughing out loud. I want to read much, much more from you!
Reviewer: Leah (Anonymous)
20 Mar 2007 4:02 am
That was lovely. Funny, and lovely. You have such a way with these guys.
Reviewer: girlgonemadd (Signed)
20 Mar 2007 4:00 am
This was just so very cute and adorable, I loved it. I felt for Rodney at the end but am very glad John was up to continuing in private!
Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Anonymous)
20 Mar 2007 2:06 am
That was really adorable. So in character for John and Rodney to fight over absolutely nothing, and still make it look good. Great job.
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
19 Mar 2007 10:53 pm
*L* This is cute and serves them right for arguing in public. It was bound to catch up with them at some point. :) Love John's line about Teyla kissing Rodney then kicking his ass all the way home.