Reviews For Last Wish

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Reviewer: paperduckie (Signed)
01 May 2008 11:11 pm
I love happy endings. Sad endings involving Rodney always destroy me. This was very, very touching. :>

Author's Response: Thank you, my wonderful beta was responsible for the happy ending on this one.
Reviewer: marinav (Signed)
30 Jul 2007 3:54 am
Happy endings are essential.

Author's Response: Thanks.
Reviewer: WolfenMoondaughter (Signed)
21 Jun 2007 8:49 pm
Oooh, nice and angsty. :D I agree with your beta, tho -- I prefer happy endings, so thank you for changing it *G* I liked it this way!

Author's Response: Thanks, it seems to have worked out well.
Reviewer: Rissa (Anonymous)
26 Mar 2007 9:39 pm
Cookies for your beta!! MUCH better this way. Heh, I read this story yesterday and didn't bookmark it. I don't keep a history file, so when I realised today that I would want to read it again and again, all I had to go on was that it was on Wraithbait and there was the word "raffish" in it... Did you know you're the only person to use that on here yet? XD Nice job. I do love a good whump.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like raffish too and could spend an inappropriate amount of time trying to describe John's hair! lol And yes, my beta is well worth her weight in gold. Thanks for the review!
Reviewer: Mystic (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2007 8:59 am
I love happy endings, so tell Lorellipsis I owe her one, for I admit I wouldn't have read this intense and angst filled story, that was gut wrenching, had it been a character death story. Real life is rought enough, we want our boys stronger and happy at the end...well, at least I do. Thank you for chaing it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! At the time, I was really in the mood for a death fic at the time but I'm glad she talked (threatened!) me into changing it.
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2007 6:19 am
I'm glad that she made you change the ending. *L* I don't think I could have taken John standing lonely looking at Rodney's grave.

Author's Response: Thanks, it does read better this way. Betas really are the unsung heros in fan fic.
Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2007 12:01 am
I'm glad you followed the advice of your Beta, they do know best sometimes. I personally loved the happy-er ending. I don't like it when either of the boys dies. So this for me was perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks, the happier ending does seem to work better.