Reviews For Eddie Bear

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Reviewer: Laughing Magpie (Signed)
20 Apr 2007 3:54 pm
I loved this. It struck just the right note. Bittersweet and hopeful all at once. Particularly loved the line about natural talent for alienating people and others alienating him first. Have you heard the story Kate Hewlett tells about how when he was younger her brother became mildly obsessed with a BRIDESHEAD REVISITED character and carried a teddy bear around with him everywhere he went for months? Thank you for sharing this.

Author's Response: So glad you liked it. And no, hadn't heard that story. Such a sweet image! Thanks for the review.
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Reviewer: marinav (Signed)
20 Apr 2007 12:49 am
This is a good take on how a very lonely child would have been able to find some much needed comfort. Whatever his was like, Rodney's childhood was not spent learning how to get along with others. Very poignant. Thanks.

Author's Response: Glad you thought it was good. And no, he didn't learn how to get along with others, did he?! Thanks for the review.
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