Reviews For Misperception

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Reviewer: Azamiko (Signed)
13 Aug 2012 11:40 pm
Ha! Silly boys.
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Reviewer: Crownglass39 (Signed)
19 Apr 2008 4:23 pm
Oh boys! So they're so stupid sometimes but I'm glad they finally worked things out!
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Reviewer: WolfenMoondaughter (Signed)
13 Jun 2007 11:36 pm
*happy sigh* I love misunderstandings ... ^^ Sweet fic!

Author's Response: Thank you - misunderstandings are lovely things (in fic).
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Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
22 Apr 2007 2:34 pm
I laughed at the part where Rodney has to break into John's room. Nicely done... sigh.... I *love* happy endings.

Author's Response: *grins* That was one of my favourite bits writing it. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.
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Reviewer: kibou_sueshijuu (Signed)
22 Apr 2007 3:47 am
"got ritual with"

Author's Response: *grins*
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Reviewer: margarks (Signed)
22 Apr 2007 1:58 am
the way his thigh holster wrapped around him and drew attention to his crotch… It was Rodney’s daily treat -- this? Is awesome, lol. It's definitely a daily treat for us, so I'm sure it's one for Rodney, too :) Loved this. Sweet and angsty and I have a real thing for pining with a happy ending :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I just had to get the thigh holster in somewhere... I'm glad you enjoyed the pining and the happy ending.
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Reviewer: rasah (Signed)
22 Apr 2007 1:24 am
i loved this, i have a special fondness for clueless rodney.. and pining john, perfect for me!

Author's Response: Cool, thank you. pining mixed with clueless is a very good combination, I think.
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Reviewer: B_C (Signed)
21 Apr 2007 10:54 pm
Silly boys but at least they figured it out in the end. :)

Author's Response: Eventually... *hits them both with clue bus several times*
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