Reviews For A Warrior's Love

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Reviewer: Anna (Anonymous)
09 Apr 2009 6:57 pm
That was really good.
For Love
Reviewer: Lughtigern (Anonymous)
15 May 2007 8:05 pm
This is an excellently wrought story.
I really liked the perceptions given of present and future Ronon on each other. You've really proven that less is more when dealing with a time loop story. I really liked the perspective of events outside the loop looking in to drive your plot. Rather than the usual perspective of a plot driven from within the loops.

Author's Response: Okay I know time loops are confusing and I'm confused just by the loops you talk about in your review. *smile* Of course, on my second read I think I understand. lolrnrnI'm really glad you enjoyed it. I did want it to be more about how they felt rather than the loops in time.rnrnThanks for the great FB.
For Love