Reviews For Dilatatio

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Reviewer: Dreamer22 (Anonymous)
29 Nov 2007 5:29 am
more hot yet disturbing tales :-p

Author's Response: Hee!
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
21 May 2007 5:32 pm
Thank you thank you thank you! I soo desperately wanted a sequal. Of course the sequal in my head was where Lorne and McKay had eggs laid in them. But that was a lot darker than this one. Loved it! THank you!

Author's Response: Glad you liked!
Reviewer: havocthecat (Signed)
18 May 2007 2:57 am
I still adore this one SO incredibly much. Added you to the series now!

Author's Response: *grins* Thanks! *hug*
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
18 May 2007 2:09 am
i'm loving this series. Thanks for contributing.

Author's Response: Awesome! Thank you for reading! :D