Reviews For The Competition

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Reviewer: Twinfetish (Signed)
01 Jul 2009 6:18 am
awesome job. I'm glad that she figured out she lost, even though she won.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Amarin Rose (Signed)
08 Apr 2009 1:49 am
Poor Sam. She needs to get a geek of her own; maybe Radek?
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Indus (Anonymous)
15 Nov 2008 11:42 pm

Not sure what film it is, but I love the fic. I just asked for reccs on this very topic, and someone mentioned your fic!

Author's Response: thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it :o)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: loosair (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2008 6:29 pm


I NEED this on an icon now!!

Author's Response: good idea! you should definitely do that :o)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: loosair (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2008 6:28 pm
Do you know what I love most? Various men tried to get them together for goodness only knows how long and it only took a woman a few moments :o))

Author's Response: exactly. never send a man to do a woman's job ;D
Chapter 1
Reviewer: X-parrot (Anonymous)
15 Mar 2008 4:43 pm
Mwahah! I love the schizo voices in John's head, and Sam is so sweet. And Rodney is so darling oblivious as always. Much fun!

Author's Response: thanks very much!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Kitty (Anonymous)
14 Jun 2007 4:03 am
I'm sooo slow I actually googled ERSW and got engine room sea water then I realised what it meant. Sooo so slow.
P.S. 1 2 3 4 I love the Marine Corps

Author's Response: lol! thanks :D
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ashtakra (Signed)
30 May 2007 12:02 pm
Loved it, especially the marines helping out and poor Sam, well there's always Radek?

Author's Response: yeah, i think they'd make a cute couple! rnthanks very much for the feedback
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ashtakra (Signed)
30 May 2007 12:02 pm
Loved it, especially the marines helping out and poor Sam, well there's always Radek?
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
24 May 2007 10:20 am
Loved the marines running interference :). I felt bad for John having to give advice to oblivious!Rodney, so I was glad when Sam caught on to his feelings and then caught on to Rodney's feelings for John and decided to do something about it.

I guess I can even feel a little bad for Sam now that she's stopped being the ERSW.


Author's Response: glad you liked it & thanks for taking the time to comment :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Chanel (Signed)
22 May 2007 1:26 pm
fantastic story!!!

Author's Response: thanks very much!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Sarah (Anonymous)
21 May 2007 6:02 am
I loved it! I love how you were able to keep them so true to their characters, and still got us a happy ending. I hope you do a sequel, and maybe give Sam a little bit of good luck, she deserves it.

Author's Response: hiya, I've already done a 'companion piece' from the marine's point of view (it's on my livejournal but is currently being beta'd so that i can post it here). I'm also thinking about a sequel but am in the middle of a rather long 'foursome' fic at the mo, so i'm not sure when i'll get round to it!rnthanks very much for your kind comments :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Llanea (Signed)
20 May 2007 10:54 pm
ok i have to say that i loved the concience devil debaticla! and wow great stuff with the marines and the thoughts and inner workings of everyones mind was AWESOME!

Author's Response: well, thanks! what lovely comments, apologies for the delay in responding, my yahoo account seems to think mails from wraithbait are spam all of a sudden!rn:)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
20 May 2007 5:43 am
That was absolutely wonderful. So funny. Loved the Marines ghosting Sam and running interference. I was hoping this might be a threesome, but, oh well. I still loved it to death and laughed the entire time I was reading it.

Author's Response: thanks very much for the lovely feedback :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
20 May 2007 5:13 am
I really enjoyed this. I kind of like a jealous John and I really liked how the Marines were trying to help him get his Perhaps he'd have figured it out sooner if they were Mounties instead. Also, I liked your term for Carter (ERSW) totally worked for me! Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: LOL, Mounties are good I take it? Thanks very much for the feedback :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: B_C (Signed)
20 May 2007 12:37 am
*L* Okay, you had me all geared up to hate Carter as a Rodney Stealing Wench but you redeemed her by helping the guys catch a clue. And I hope she finds someone, someday. :)

Author's Response: lol, me too ;)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Tarlan (Signed)
19 May 2007 5:03 pm
LOL! I almost felt sorry for Sam...but not quite, not when John gets his (her) man :-)

Author's Response: :) thanks for the feedback!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ivanova (Anonymous)
19 May 2007 1:54 pm
Prescient, much?
Enjoyed this, thanks.

Author's Response: thanks, and, I do kind of hope this is the way it goes! :D
Chapter 1