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Reviewer: Simone (Anonymous)
25 Sep 2008 1:13 am
Loved all of the stories.
Just one comment; I would have liked to have seen the reactions of the scientists from area 51 when Rodney was found married to a hot military man.

Author's Response: Thanks and I bet all their jaws dropped, that't for sure!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: KateF117a (Anonymous)
03 Jun 2007 10:22 pm
Absolutely adorable. I love the whole series, and that was a good end(?) to it.

There are two tiny nitpicks I have, which I just sort of put down to the AU, but in case it wasn't because of the AU: there is no such plane as a C-150. I think you were either thinking of a C-130 or a C-17. Also, dog-tags are generally worn on those ball-bearing chains, not a link chain like a necklace... at least my hubby's are.

:) anyways, I loved it, and I like the addition of the kitten at the end (because I've ALWAYS wanted to have a cat in Atlantis.)

Author's Response: Not an end - there's at least one more story in the series. It's just going to take a little longer to get done since we actually started it after the first three, all of which were written concurrently.rnrnRe the plane, all we can say is whoops. Clearly we made a mistake when we were looking up planes. But the chain for the dogtags is just terminology - what you call a ball-bearing chain is what we meant.rnrnGlad you liked it... and the kitten. This way both Atlantises have a resident feline. It makes for happy Rodneys, which makes for happy Johns.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: sparkin (Anonymous)
24 May 2007 6:00 am
You would not believe how much I squeed throughout this entire series. It's absolutely adorable. But you know, not so horrifyingly cute that I want to stab myself in the eyes. Wait, that doesn't sound right. I just mean that it was a really good balance and yeah, I'm just going to shut up now.

Author's Response: ROFL We're very glad - as I'm sure your optometrist is too - that you didn't feel the need to stab yourself in the eyes. We agree with you that JOhn and Rodney are cute - but don't tell _them_ that! ;)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
20 May 2007 8:01 pm
Great story. The banter between the John and Rodney in this reality was nicely done. Watching them getting to know each other was fun! Be nice to see how this team makes out in Atlantis at some point!

Author's Response: Thanks! The way John and Rodney interact is one of the reasons we never seem to get tired of them - it's fun to write. As for them in Atlantis, well, that's what the next story is all about.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
20 May 2007 10:04 am
Yeah!!!! This was great, though you never did explain how they had power at the outpost when in SG-1 the outpost was dead until they got the ZPM...but not a big deal...also, will you be going to explain how they swapped places in the next one and more importanly, will there be more? I hope so, I like now Lt. Col Sheppard and Rodney and family. Thanks for a great story.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Re the outpost, chalk it up to this being a slightly different universe and the ZPM wasn't 100% drained when they got there. But aside from the initial lighting up when John arrived, most of that was generators... though admittedly we didn't spell it out. We did figure out the cause of the switch, and we'll work it into the next story, which deals with John & Rodney in Atlantis and eventually them contacting their alternates.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Tonia Barone (Anonymous)
20 May 2007 7:58 am
Oh, I LOVE this series you've got going! It's so neat seeing how the expedition COULD have gone...or, y'know, how this universe went after John went home. And the sex ain't bad, either. Don't suppose there's more comming up, is there? Love to see how they handle Atlantis.

Author's Response: There definitely is more. We want to see how they handle Atlantis with all the knowledge of what to avoid that they got from the other universe... and they seem to want the opportunity to talk with their alternates too.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Truthslove (Anonymous)
20 May 2007 6:08 am
Lovely. Just.... lovely. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: It was completely our pleasure. Once we started this series, there was no way it was stopping till we were done. Not that we are; currently we're working on the 4th story, set in Atlantis, but that one's going to take a bit longer to finish - they stopped cracking the whip once we got the three main stories done.
Chapter 1