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Reviewer: irishshamrockireland (Signed)
08 Oct 2013 1:02 pm
That was really funny!
It's Character Forming
Reviewer: rexeran (Signed)
29 Jul 2012 6:17 pm
It's Character Forming
Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
20 Feb 2009 10:46 pm
Awww :)

Author's Response: :D
It's Character Forming
Reviewer: Hasver (Signed)
14 Jun 2007 7:53 am
I've had dates that seemed to go that way too. ;)

Author's Response: :D But your dates did not have Rodney McKay.
It's Character Forming
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
07 Jun 2007 7:11 pm
So loved it. Radek was a great touch. However, you are proving to be a cruel person by leaving them, and us, unfulfilled ;)

Author's Response: I'm sure there will be something more soon. After all, they've had a date, so now John can feel fine about putting out (or just dragging Evan into a closet).
It's Character Forming
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
06 Jun 2007 8:33 pm
Loved all the shyness- so sweet ;). Not so great were all the people/things/events out to hinder them (funny though *g*), so I loved the ending- finally together for more than a few minutes, even if they are asleep for it.


Author's Response: Neither one of them quite remembers how to do this dating thing, and god forbid they consider talking about feelings. And, of course, this is Pegasus. They're just lucky no one got zapped by wacky ancient technology. Thanks for the comment!
It's Character Forming