Reviews For Paroxysm

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Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
19 Jul 2007 9:31 pm
I read this on the LJ and waited until it was up on here to review. I absolutely loved this fic. Cadman was great! I loved how she fought so hard, and pissed off the Hive.

I hope Carson takes her warnings to heart, and realizes that he is a target. I liked that he was willing to sacrafice a lot for trying to keep Laura "safe". I don't know what side I'm rooting for now!

I liked the insight into the non-bugified expedition members. They really have no hope anymore ;)

I also greatly enjoyed the Lorne/Cadman interactions. Very funny. And I like the idea of those two paired together.

If the fic goes very serious, I would like to see what happens if they meet up with the Wraith, and Michael especially. I think Michael would find it very funny, (especially if they weren't accepted by the rest of the Tau'ri), except the Lanteans would now be an even bigger threat to those that oppose them.

Thanks again for sharing!