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Reviewer: Jantique (Signed)
19 Jun 2008 4:24 pm
WOW! And again: WOW! This is one hell of a story. The characters, the invention, the plot, the colors, smells, the entire World you created - simply wonderful. Thank you!

Keep up the good writing, Jantique
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Reviewer: RoaringMice (Signed)
30 May 2008 11:36 pm
I could smell the spices, feel the dry air on my cheeks, the silk against my legs, the feel of the brush against my skin. Richly detailed world, very well drawn, that made this story feel all the more vital and real.

I very much liked that it wasn't that they all went back to Atlantis and "went back to life on the show". There was no happy ending there.

Well written, deeply textured story. Beautiful and horrible, both.
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Reviewer: gail (Anonymous)
29 Jan 2008 10:28 pm
Thank you for this - even though I hate crying.

All that was lost and all of what was gained is painful but ...
Reviewer: purrfus (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2008 11:23 am
I went through this at gulp, and I'm feeling kinda shell shocked. Its a wonderfully written story, and I'm sorry for those individual who like Caldwell, but I can so see this sort of situation developing with him in charge. Once I've had a chance to recover I need to come back and re-read this a little slower.
Reviewer: Argyle_slayer (Anonymous)
13 Dec 2007 12:32 am
This story was wonderful. It was just awesome. I'm trying to think of some particular things but I can't. It was all awesome. I think what I liked best was how you kept everyone pretty much in character. I loved everyone. Everything. Great job. Thank you. Very smartly done.
Reviewer: MaxineMayer (Anonymous)
05 Dec 2007 7:38 pm
"In the City of Seven Walls" by Auburn - incredible marvelous story! Brilliant writing, characterizations and world-building! Thank you so much for sharing your work with me! Love, Maxine Mayer
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
01 Dec 2007 11:32 pm
Reviewer: Nyx (Anonymous)
14 Nov 2007 9:03 am
Beautiful. Made me cry and scream in my head, sometimes. But it was perfect.

Thank you so much.
Reviewer: pfyre (Signed)
30 Oct 2007 10:45 pm
oh my... I just... er... stumbled upon this and it is wonderful - bittersweet, angsty, loving, lovely, heartwrenching...

thank you so much for sharing this - I have to go back and reread it - I know I missed the details as I got caught up in the narrative
Reviewer: ccmom (Anonymous)
16 Oct 2007 9:01 am
I'm completely speechless. This was absolutely fantastic. I wish I could quote parts that stick out, but the whole thing just broke me. Wonderful, Wonderful job!
Reviewer: maisonenflambe (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2007 5:19 am
This is probably the most beautiful story I've read. Well plotted, smoothly paced, and realistic without being gratuitous or cloying. You had me laughing out loud, biting my lip in worry, and crying over the bittersweet beauty of the ending. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to create this.
Reviewer: SGAfan (Anonymous)
10 Aug 2007 4:24 am
Wow, the interplay of their relationship, the depth of need and emotion, and the excruciating detail - all amazing, even though I normally don't care for slash. worth staying up until 3am on a work night. i could watch it all in my head, and had to slow my reading to make sure I caught every detail
Reviewer: babs (Anonymous)
07 Aug 2007 11:25 am
I finished this story last night but was too incoherent to write any sort of feedback. The ending was perfection--the only way the story could ever end. There was that bittersweet pang that made me wish Lorne and Zelenka could have gone with them, but yet, I knew in my heart it had to end the way it did. I am sitting here choking up still thinking about this fic. It did what the best stories do--allow one to be totally immersed in another world for hours. Thank you for writing this story and sharing it with us.
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Reviewer: Elzabet (Anonymous)
04 Aug 2007 1:41 am
Such a great piece of work. I loved how it ended. Thank you.
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Reviewer: Darksidhe (Anonymous)
26 Jul 2007 7:35 pm
This was beautiful. I loved it.
Reviewer: Tere (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2007 4:38 pm
What a glorious piece of work - damn, I can't imagine how many months it must have taken to write. Applause, applause to you for such rich, amazing detail. Selket was totally real to me - I could smell it by the end (Morocco - spicy, incense) and see the vibrant colors of the palace. And I was soooo glad about the ascensions, so very satisfying. Rare to find a writer with such superb skills, weaving a world so attentively that I can close my eyes and *be* there in the story. Brava, brava.

I was a *little* disappointed that more time was not given to the new city, and all of the wonder they would have found there. I know after birthing this baby you must have been anxious to be done with it, so I hope someone will take it up and expand on their life after arriving on Jom. After all of that hurt, I needed a little more comfort - for me, John's agony of 2 years of rape could have used some balance with the joy he found settling down/opening up a new ancestral city with the man he so loved. The tidbits in the Epilogue were great but not enough!

And I second Manic's comments about wanting to see them run across Atlantis - and brag about their ZPMs is nothing else! - and what was that space port talk about? I got the idea that Jom had been a ship-building factory at one time, but that's just a guess based on hints. And why did they have to slog overland on Jom to the city - what happened to the jumper? What happened with the Wraith war? Earth? Who had kids with who?

Yes, I know, it's terribly bad form to demand more from a writer who just gave you such a huge, amazing piece of work, and I apologize. But I'm looking forward to someone writing these (and more) missing scenes, because John seriously deserves to wallow in some good times after all of that grief, doncha think? (See - your story was too good - I'm completely invested in these people and need to know how they fared :-)

Thank you, it truly is an amazing body of work.

Author's Response: The new city, Vineta, deserves it's own tale. The life they shaped there would need another novel's worth of writing. It wasn't a desire to have done with it that made me leave all that out, merely that the story of Seven Walls was done and the story of Vineta and Jom didn't belong in it. Maybe someone will pick up the slack and do it or I'll find myself at loose ends and pick up myself, since I have the material just no plot right now. Oh, the jumper! They didn't know if they'd even get into the city or what state it would be in and couldn't afford to waste what power the jumper had left on a gamble, since they couldn't take it back to Atlantis to be recharged. They were saving it for an emergency. Teyla had three children, two with John: Haro and Jomma; and one with Rodney, Jerin. Not bad form to want more, but a compliment, as far as I'm concerned. As to John (and Rodney!) deserving some good times after the misery? Why do you think I gave them an entire Ancient city (plus a shipbuilding satellite)?
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Reviewer: Domino (Signed)
24 Jul 2007 1:31 pm
This is one of the best Atlantis fics out. I loved even word and it kept me glued to it until I read every single page.

Well done!!
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Reviewer: WolfenMoondaughter (Signed)
24 Jul 2007 4:39 am
Wow. I am truly stunned! This would all have made a best-selling novel, I'm sure, if only you could have sold it! (And I'm glad you had them Ascend instead of just die -- I was really upset for a moment there!) Rodney and John's struggles and the growth of their relationship, all so heart-rending and beautiful! Reading this just after the last Harry Potter, it would take a lot to impress me -- and you did. Very enthralling! I love how much detail you put into the world-creation, too! Thanks very much for such a great read!
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
24 Jul 2007 2:45 am
I could have sworn that I had read this fic somewhere else. And I thought it had a different ending. Anyway, I enjoyed this ending.

I loved your attention to detail in this fic, it was quite amazing. And I was heartbroken at how Atlantis had changed, but so proud of and astonished with how thourough a job Zelenka and Lorne had done with outfitting the Jumper.

I would love to see a sequel/additions that delt with what eventually happened with Atlantis; John and Rodney and their people coming across the Atlantians at some point; I would love to see the Atlantian/Earther reaction to John and Rodney and Co. having a city of their own *bg*; the intervening years between their settlement of the city, and Rodney and John's death.

I also wonder if Ronan ended up with Teyla, too. But it didn't seem that way from the Epilogue. As I understand it, Teyla had children with both John and Rodney. And of course, I would love to see some of those sex scenes!!!

Hopefully, yourself or someone else will continue the saga. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. This is such a massive accomplishment.

Author's Response: There are a lot of slavefics out there, even just in SGA, so it's possible you've confused it with another. Also, you might have come across parts of it on my journal or a couple excerpts that I posted separately and then reworked into the whole. As to sequels, right now someone else would have to write them, but I'm perfectly fine with that. I have a lot of cut material from the epilogue I'd be willing to hand over to someone interested in doing that. You did understand it correctly: Teyla had three Duty children, two with John and one with Rodney. Ronon and his wife (not Teyla) actually raised the kids. But that's all another tale and one I've vowed not to write.
Reviewer: AtlantisWanderer08 (Anonymous)
23 Jul 2007 7:26 pm
I thought this story was absolutely brilliant, and all I can say is BRAVO!!!
Wile reading the last chapter, I was listening to Maroon 5's "Secret", and I completely broke down and started crying!

You are a really talented writer, and I look forward to more of your stories!

Oh, and BTW, I was thinking of making a spin-off of this story or AU event. I'm not sure yet-I've got to talk to my muse- but you can bet your tail I'll come up with something! (It'll be my first story, and I'm sure to make it a good one!)

Thanks for allowing us to make a story off of your's and I PROMISE to make a very generous reference to it!

Author's Response: If your muse cooperates let me know and if you have a question about something in the story or background that didn't make it into text that you want to know for your own work, email me and I'll be happy to help.