Reviews For Captured

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Reviewer: pengun13tcj (Anonymous)
03 Oct 2008 6:17 am
was totally surprised at every turn unexpected plot loved every word !!! well done !!!!!!!
Reviewer: purrfus (Signed)
04 Mar 2008 1:12 am
Never really gave much thought to the idea of John/Carson. This story was a fascinating read and made me realize I really need to reconsider the SGA options.
Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
15 Feb 2008 7:53 am
Oh man, that's awesome, this story is great!
Reviewer: ShayaSar (Signed)
13 Aug 2007 3:41 pm
yes, I demand a sequel *lol*

I wanna see how John is making Carson pay!!!

*hugsyou* and big thanks for my story!
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
05 Aug 2007 8:08 pm
That was fun, thanks!
Reviewer: captdeb (Anonymous)
31 Jul 2007 2:05 am
Loved it! This one's going in my favorites. Carson's never-say-die attitude always gives me a chuckle.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's one of the things I always liked about Carson's character. As much of a timid and cowardly lion the writers often made him out to be, he has a surprising strength when someone really needs him.
Reviewer: romeoambiences (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2007 5:22 pm
Yeah! It was great fun to see Carson turn the tables on John, especially with the inside information he has.

Really a well-done short story.

I'd love a sequel as well.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm seriously considering that sequel... but thinking up a new plot that's better than the old one is always difficult. :)
Reviewer: Dark and Goldeneyed (Signed)
30 Jul 2007 6:00 am
Great little fic - most enjoyable.
Sequel would be a bonus!
Reviewer: Leishan (Anonymous)
29 Jul 2007 10:32 pm
Ooh! This was highly entertaining! I wouldn't mind reading a sequel!
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
29 Jul 2007 10:30 pm
They're both as devious as each other, it's just more surprising from Carson *g*. This was fun, as is imagining just how John's going to make Carson pay ;).