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Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
05 Aug 2007 7:32 am
" it had been washed repeatedly with the shampoos he saved for special occasions." Sheppard has different shampoos for different occasions? How metrosexual of him :)

Enjoyed this greatly, thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: While normally he gets by with normal shampoo, some times his hair needs a little extra attention to make sure it's properly fluffy and shiny.
And To Boldly Go
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
05 Aug 2007 7:23 am
"...until she suddenly hit it square between the eyes"

ROFLMAO! I almost spit out my mouthful of cookies ;) I loved the hissy fit John threw.

Author's Response: It wasn't a hissy fit, it was a perfectly adult reaction to an odd situation. Really. And that's what his report will say. *g*
To Seek Out New Life
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
01 Aug 2007 9:28 am
Poor John, accosted by random wildlife, mocked by all and sundry and then beaten to the find. I bet Evan's got some creative 'making it up to John' in his future. At least he didn't join in with the mocking, so that must be a point in his favour *g*.


Author's Response: Evan knows better than to join in. He has a very good sense of self-preservation, and a desire to get laid again in the foreseeable future.
And To Boldly Go
Reviewer: CaptainUntouchable (Signed)
01 Aug 2007 2:29 am
0_0..... M....O....R...E... *dies*

Author's Response: :D The will be more! Possibly something more porny.
And To Boldly Go