Reviews For Triptych

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Reviewer: fee_kh (Anonymous)
27 Sep 2007 5:01 pm
Aw, crap, it tool me forever to figure that THIS is the original timeline!
And if I ever was in doubt, then the peanut line clinched it. Brilliantly written. Truly brilliant.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Eris (Anonymous)
04 Sep 2007 4:13 am
This is fantastic! Very mind bend-y. I love this!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: mangst (Anonymous)
17 Aug 2007 2:10 am
This is a really interesting plot, all the branches from the one tree. And that last line killed me.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mrs. Roboto (Anonymous)
16 Aug 2007 6:50 am
really great idea, showing the 3 different universes, and nicely writen too. :D I lol'ed at the last line ^_^ Good job!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Sweeneybird (Anonymous)
15 Aug 2007 11:58 pm
Wow! This was amazing - my brain hurts in the best of all possible ways. Great take on the challenge!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Twinchy (Signed)
15 Aug 2007 11:55 pm
Heart-breaking story, well written and holding a sad truth. Things NEVER happen independently from each other, even with time...
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Goddess47 (Signed)
15 Aug 2007 8:18 pm
Ooohhh.... good premise...... and nicely done! I like the spiral, how things can spiral out of control and the events in one timeline may affect another timeline. ::sniff:: for Radek and Carson and Elizabeth...
Chapter 1