Reviews For Baby Beautiful

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Reviewer: Incidental Fire (Anonymous)
11 Dec 2007 8:57 pm
That was really just adorably sweet, and managed to put a smile on my face during a bad day. And I want one of those "baby" toys for me! :)
Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
29 Aug 2007 9:41 am
Awww. Rodney really is bad at these things, yet he manages to get his point across despite that. The light toy was a nice gift :).

Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
29 Aug 2007 3:03 am
That was lovely. And the line about pruning the baby made me laugh. Thank you.
Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: Ellex (Signed)
29 Aug 2007 1:13 am
Aaww. Very pretty and sweet.
Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
29 Aug 2007 1:06 am
Aw... that was incredible sweet. I love it.
Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
29 Aug 2007 12:02 am
Awww, that was so sweet and so totally Rodney. At least he has this chance to be a at-home Uncle. :)
Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: RobbieMac (Signed)
28 Aug 2007 10:53 pm
Baby Beautiful
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2007 10:10 pm very sweet.
Baby Beautiful
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