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Reviewer: (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2008 4:04 pm
I've read this before, but this time through I had a very clear image of the mission debriefing:

Cameron and Daniel are their, because their noisy and Vala can't resist pulling their legs.

Weir: "So the mission went well?"

Vala smirks, gleeful, " very well. Dr. Mckay is an excellent kisser."

Ronon shares a conspiratorial smirk and intones deeply, "I concur."

Daniel who was looking completely aghast squeaks out, "that the mission went well?"

Ronon's smirk mirrors Vala, "that Mckay's a good kisser."

Cater watches the surreal scene as Daniel sputters. Carter thought Teyla was the adult of the team, but the crazy of the planet seems to have not faded yet because even as she nods serenely she's agreeing with Ronon and Vala's assessment's.

Vala, Ronon and Teyla all turn to stare at a laconic Sheppard who not to be out done practically plucks a feather between his teeth, "maybe I'll reconsider that toaster."

Four sets of eyes fall on Carter and well maybe she still has a little of the crazy planet on her too, or maybe peer pressure is everything they say it is.

She channel's her inner Teal'c, "Indeed," and matches them smirk for smirk.

Mckay who had slowly started going red then purple seemed to give in and decided to go with the flow, the old Mckay, Sam was sure, never would have. Now he leaned back, arms crossed and smug smile saying it all.

Cameron looked completely and utterly gobsmacked, and Daniel seemed to be choking on his tounge. Weir didn't even seem to be blinking. Sam didn't know if Weir was in complete shock or complete calm, but it Sam was disconcerted to think that this kind of thing might have happened more than once.

So yeah. I think of this as the biggest complement, that a story can provoke such a vivid imagery means that you succeeded in creating your universe. Thank you.
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
23 Jan 2008 6:52 am
Nicely done! That was a great prequel packed full of wonderful imagery and characterizations. I loved how Rodney's relationships with his teammates were expressed in terms of kissing in the tavern. Though, I'd wager Rodney's bi, which is why John doesn't get a toaster. ;-p Thanks for writing!
Reviewer: AtlantisWanderer08 (Anonymous)
21 Sep 2007 1:00 am
LOL! This is a really good original story! I'm off to read your next one! Yahoo! ;D