Reviews For Good Together

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Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
27 Mar 2008 5:30 am
Ehehehehe! Love it!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: vexed_wench (Signed)
22 Dec 2007 6:07 am
That was sweet, and so good.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Vana (Anonymous)
27 Oct 2007 3:17 am
That story was so cute, and so JUST what I was looking for that I didn't even notice it was in present tense instead of past tense (I generally only read past, because present irks me. XD). That was such a cute ending! Very in-character for John. Thank you for such a lovely short story.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
12 Oct 2007 8:03 pm
Great payoff for all John's angst. And go Rodney for getting the courage to tell John when he wasn't sure what response he'd get.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
08 Oct 2007 6:55 pm
Oh that was sweet and I so want a sequel...please? Good job.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: AtlantisWanderer08 (Anonymous)
08 Oct 2007 6:44 pm
Ohh la la! SOOO perfect! Perhaps a sequel, by any chance? ;D
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Anonymous)
08 Oct 2007 5:46 pm
Hee! Loved this. With it's little hint at Carson/Teyla, and it's awkward!Rodney and EmotionallyStunted!John. Wonderful, I'd love to read more.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
08 Oct 2007 9:35 am
aww, so cute! Maybe we can get the first date story soon! Nice little fic.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
08 Oct 2007 6:51 am
As John would say, "Cool." :) Nice piece.
Chapter 1