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Reviewer: LilithSeraphim (Signed)
23 Oct 2007 12:24 am
"Some were pretty dumb, like McKay...who told him that love feels like a weird memory lapse, where you forgot how to breathe."

This is my absolute nightmare scenario for McShep, or any pairing at all. Horrifying, really, to think that he's manipulating McKay.

The last bit about Beckett is wonderful, since they did get rather morally ambiguous during the wraith-retrovirus arc. I hate to think of Beckett as a war criminal, but some of the stuff he had done did violate his oath...

As others have said: creepy story, but well done. Very different take on Sheppard's reflections.

Author's Response: I have tendency to believe that in most relationships (except for those described in classic love stories) only one party forgets how to breathe. And the other party… well, the other party could be there for sex, convenience, or, like Pritchett puts it ‘you get used to people’. Looking at our characters I’d say that McKay tends to be more… honest, straightforward with his emotions. :) As for Sheppard, 1) he learned from McKay that ‘the fruit basket’ and ‘thoughtful’ might be used in the same sentence by his new boss, Carter; 2) with *mathematical* precision he made sure that McKay would *not* give her that basket; 3) he recovered the basket and gave it to Carter behind McKay’s back. Another example: 1) he congratulated Carter on her promotion and that didn’t go well; 2) he backed off and mentioned Weir – and *that* gave a good response; 3) sure enough, in the next episode he came to Carter to talk about Weir *again*, without any plan, without anything – just to put ‘Sheppard’ next to ‘thoughtful’ in her head. And he does things like this all the time. When he doesn’t do something especially gruesome, he is a very amusing character. As for Beckett – there was nothing *ambiguous* about what he did. It all was discussed *60 years ago*, all decisions were made and documented. Just the people who write for this show prefer to act as if they invented the bicycle.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: The Lonely Huntress (Signed)
22 Oct 2007 2:31 pm
Very interesting concept.

I can't say that's the reason of Sheppard's behavoir because I haven't look that carefully into it, and I don't have the knowledge to discover the signs, but I agree that there are things in our minds that most people will never believe because they're so different from the image we cast.

Anyway, great story. Creepy but good.

Author's Response: Thank you. In relation with this story I often think that Military recruit psychopaths on purpose. A psycho has some great advantages over a normal person in combat situation (diminished sense of fear, lack of compassion to the enemy, complete assurance in a rightfulness of his doings, etc.). Besides, they’re naturally charming in everyday life, so people tend to gravitate towards them. No one would do better as a leader of small military group in gorilla war as a high IQ psychopath. On the other hand psychos have some major drawbacks – for instance such person would not do well inside a chain of command. He’ll be okay with giving orders, but completely unable to take them.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
22 Oct 2007 12:49 am
To help with this arguement, I suggest that a person can be a complete psycho in there head, but not in their actions. This story could be showing what John is really thinking, and the crystal creature lets those thoughts roam free.

Author's Response: *the crystal creature lets those thoughts roam free*rn:) Oh, my God... You thought that *too*? I didn't tell anyone, because people tend to throw stones at me when I ask inconvenient questions, but you know, I thought if that crystal creature would jump (hit?) Sam instead of Sheppard, everybody would dream… I don’t know – two-directional wormholes? Pink bunny-shaped slippers? Fish in the fishless pond? rnBut to be honest, I wrote this story right after 4.01, before I saw 4.04.rn *complete psycho in there head, but not in their actions* I've recently read about a group of children with ASPD and very high IQs, and the teacher claimed that when those children could observe behavior of regular kids, they could mimic it perfectly. They learned what would be approved/disapproved by the teacher, and the next day you couldn’t tell them apart from the normal kids. Sheppard is absolutely brilliant with that, he is a perfect judge of character – how fast he found Carter’s soft spots? He didn’t know her at all! He learned by poking and probing. rn
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
21 Oct 2007 11:22 pm
"But it's the only theory that fits"

I saw this remark in your comment to another reviewer, and I couldn't disagree more. This is an interesting ficlet, but if you're going to write John as a sociopath like this, you have to admit that you're ignoring 3+ seasons of canon that portray him otherwise by doing so. There's always room for personal interpretation, but if you're using "Sheppard is obviously a psychopath" to explain his behavior in a certain episode, you're reaching straight into OOC territory, no matter how much it might excite you to imagine him as a psycho.

Author's Response: *you have to admit that you're ignoring 3+ seasons of canon*rnI would like nothing more than to agree with you. He is one of the cutest, most charming SciFi characters I’ve ever seen. *sigh* I tried to explain his behavior by other means – poor upbringing, promiscuous family ethics and such – but I can’t. I *do not* think he has a psychopathy as a full-blown disorder (or at least he controls it well), but he has very prominent psychopathic tendencies (just look through the diagnostic criteria if you have desire and time, without it this discussion is quite meaningless). rnShortly, in ‘three +’ years did he (40+ year old male, who makes life and death decisions for other people, who die as result of his decisions) one single time said ‘I’m so sorry, it was my fault,’ or ‘I’m not fit for this command,’ or ‘I started the culling, people die every day because of me, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry,’ or… It’s not that his decisions as a ‘head of security’ are necessarily wrong or reckless, not true, but he just never takes responsibility if something goes wrong. In season 4 he is almost ideally careful with what he does. But… imagine you had a dog. For 3+ years. Dog gets rabbis, you need to put it down *now*, or it’ll start biting your family members. Right? Right. But during those few seconds you reach for the shotgun wouldn’t you feel – sorrow, and anguish, and tiny hesitation, and… Yes, it was just a dog, but…rnThat’s what I want to see in that character, and it never happens. However, if I missed the episode in which this character says ‘I’m so sorry, it was my fault, I didn’t mean to, but it happened so fast,’ or ‘I’m not fit for this command,’ please advise – now I have access for all episodes, I will be glad to watch it. rn
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
21 Oct 2007 9:37 pm
hmmm, that was quite the different take on John's personality and why he acts they way he does. Very interesting.

Author's Response: Quite sad, actually. Though, I have much less problems with 404 Dream!Sheppard than with the common one. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
21 Oct 2007 8:12 pm
Intriguing piece, though a little creepy simply because this John is so different to the one in my head. Great insight into John's condition, how it affected him and those around him.


Author's Response: :) ‘m sorry. But it’s the only theory that fits. Just look how he does it with Carter – I could never guess that he is *that* clever. Cheating the ‘three–year–old’ out of the fruit basket? That was something.
Chapter 1