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Reviewer: Haggy (Signed)
03 Nov 2007 10:27 pm
I'm 45 now and when I was a youngster I learned this poem off by heart much to the surprise of friends and family.
For some reason its one of the few poems I have ever cared about.
There was something haunting about that old lie "it is sweet and right to die for your country" I liked your fic, John needed to know that people valued him.

Author's Response: It is one of those poems that either catches you or doesn't, I think, and like you I was struck by the poem at an early age. Thank you for your review, glad you liked it!
Dulce et Decorum Est
Reviewer: Madison (Signed)
03 Nov 2007 2:06 pm
I recently heard an interview on the radio in which soldiers were asked exactly what they were fighting for in various parts of the world. They invariably answered 'their friends'. Thank you for reminding me of that with this excellent story--and for introducing me to another Wilfred Owen poem! Big grin here!

Author's Response: oh my goodness, thank you! since it was your fic that helped inspire this, that means a lot! yes, from everything i've heard, or been told, it always seems to be friends which inspire soldiers (and it's something which i've been hearing a lot lately with Rememberance Day coming up). Oh, always willing to introduce another war poem! (on a side note... have you read the poem 'High Flight'? It was written by a WW2 pilot, and always leaves me feeling a bit choked up whenever i read it!)
Dulce et Decorum Est