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Reviewer: Sheppardsville (Signed)
11 Nov 2007 10:05 pm
Giggled all the way. Need to know what's happening with rest of Atlantis who did stuff with the emails!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Terrie (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2007 4:23 am
Oh god that was so funny ::dies laughing::
Chapter 3
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2007 12:41 am
*L* Ooookaaaaayyyyy. They do a slight problem. :) Wonder about the rest of the city.
Chapter 3
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2007 12:37 am
Maybe the virus was a good thing. :)

Author's Response: I think that it was! Glad you enjoyed it! Dementi
Chapter 2 Confessions
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
08 Nov 2007 10:52 pm
Woot, I was able to avoid going out of my comfort zone...and it works so well. Great addition.

One sappy writer for hire...> Dementi
Chapter 3
Reviewer: Llanea (Signed)
08 Nov 2007 7:58 pm
Chapter 3
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
08 Nov 2007 7:46 pm
LOL! I thought that third chapter was just more fluffy lovey stuff, but that was brilliant! OMG, you have totally captured the spirit of the Albotros! I LOVE IT!
Chapter 3
Reviewer: Korilian (Signed)
07 Nov 2007 3:00 pm
Er... I'm not sure how this works. Is it supposed to be anonymous? Chp. 3 was by me. :)
Chapter 3
Reviewer: Kat (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2007 1:16 pm
OMG LMAO!!!!! This was fantastic!! My cheeks are absolutely aching from all the laughin'!!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! You have to be my favorite reviewer. So much laughter and enthusiasm! I couldn't stop laughing when I wrote it. It was just something we wrote very unexpectedly while trying to get through our real stories. Thanks, Pussy!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2007 1:00 am
Oooh, that is some wicked virus they got there. *L* :) I know Ronon couldn't resist playing with it.

Author's Response: I didn't have time to put this in the emails, but Ronan was laughing because John's name is a bad word in itself. My favorite part is when Lorne calls Teyla, Titface. Thank you so much for enjoying and reviewing our story. I hope you enjoy everyone else's additions as well, B_J!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
06 Nov 2007 7:59 pm
The most hilarious line for me is this:
"Dildo, we need to discuss the situation..."

It's such a serious message but changing Radek's name makes me choke laughing!

Author's Response: Quick, someone call Dr. Wrapper! She needs the Hickey-manouver!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Tig (Signed)
06 Nov 2007 3:41 am
I am in the same state as Specialist Lickity Dicks. Unfortunately I don't need Dr. Condom Wrapper's help. More's the pity.

Personally I think it was Radek who did it. XD Do you guys have an idea, or are you pretty open to whomever?

Now all you need is your own virus-induced nick names!

Author's Response: Dear Twat,rnrnI am thrilled that you enjoyed our story. The large red PENIS that Dentedbreast sent to me was quite a shock. Her refering to herself as COLONEL PENIS was just as shocking and hillarious. The emails practically wrote themselves after that.rnrnSincerely,rnSmegSniffer
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
06 Nov 2007 12:45 am
I only started it, it you took it all the way...ok, well I did help. So funny.

Author's Response: LOL. I can't wait to see your chapter up and posted. I can't wait to see where you will take it. I can't decide which to call you, 'Dentedbreast' or 'Colonel Penis' as you are the one who coined the phrase. I can't decided to call myself either 'Smeg Sniffer' or what I once called myself, 'Slash Monkey'.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
06 Nov 2007 12:22 am
*dies from cackling*

holy crap.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Want to give us a hand with the next installment?
Chapter 1