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Reviewer: flaimdra (Signed)
22 Sep 2010 5:42 pm
your storry was quite ...
interesting *eyebrow waggle*
but in your authors notes you mentioned a story from notpoetry which spiked my interest too and i could not find it so id like to ask you if you could send me the link or point me in the right direction
cause im DYING to reed it

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
19 Feb 2010 3:01 am
Oh damn. That was absolutely brilliant. Great work, I loved it.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: enodemon (Anonymous)
25 Dec 2007 7:42 pm
erm...well writen. But am I missing something, because it dosen't really make sense... I mean, why?
and by the way, prostitutes were executed that way in Medieval Italy. They were raped to death, so you might wanna rethink the realism of it all... sorry, I don't mean this as a flame.

Author's Response: Don't worry, I really wasn't going for realism ;). Realism! Pah! And no it doesn't make sense at all does it... what's up with that!?!?!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
16 Nov 2007 10:36 am
I can certainly see why you said dubious consent. It did seem like Rodney didn't want what was being done to him, until the end, when he thought of John taking care of him like always.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
13 Nov 2007 5:09 pm
OMG, i *love* gang bangs! Though, I would have preferred that Rodney not be in such pain at the end.

Author's Response: Sorry. Realism won out. It was an entire platoon after all ;).
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
13 Nov 2007 8:08 am
Jesus! I crown you the new queen of Rodney whumping, beating, abusing, non-con-ing, and fucking. I am your humble student. Teach me the ways, my queen! Six out of five stars.

Author's Response: That title would be yours you know, if you just got cracking on those WIPs of yours... *hint hint*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
12 Nov 2007 9:42 pm
Wow. Really hot and really sweet at the same time. Very nice.

Author's Response: Why thank you.
Chapter 1