Reviews For Party Favors

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Reviewer: Twinchy (Signed)
13 Mar 2008 1:56 am
Highly entertaining and well written story.
Yet, even though I really liked your charcterizations, I think the portrayed cameradry was a bit too much into the first season already (no offence).
The different scenarios you chose to 'test' the people, and especially the last one were gorgeous and imaginative; very fitting for each of them, including the Ancient set to protect the secrets from 'unworthy' claimers.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. No offense taken to your critique ;-) I do have to be careful when writing things in the first season that I don't come out with third season relationships. I'm working on a fic right now set in season one and I'm struggling with just that issue!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
13 Nov 2007 5:51 pm
I usually don't read Haloween stories but this was very good!
It was fitting that it was Radek the one he wanted.
Chapter 1