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Reviewer: Squeaky (Signed)
12 Apr 2008 1:30 am
Damn I love this AU! I really hope more is coming...

Author's Response: Thank you and definitely yes! :-)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
06 Feb 2008 12:50 am
I love how happy with life McKay is throughout this. Adorable!

Author's Response: Sorry I'm late, but thank you!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Ciar (Signed)
30 Jan 2008 6:05 pm
I LOVE your Tragic Woobie Widower series and I'm so glad to read another installment :) This was just lovely and I really enjoyed it. My heart just melted to see Rodney so proud of his new partner; to see John and Timmy together, both getting on well as usual, and to see John missing Rodney so much that he came to Colorado to spend time with him. Wonderful!!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm really late here but thank you very much!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: purrfus (Signed)
19 Jan 2008 11:11 pm

I was going to ask if there was more, but I read a note that said there was so I am going to go find it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, this is the third fic of the series. They're all under my name on the archive.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ghfan98 (Anonymous)
12 Dec 2007 12:23 pm
I enjoyed this story but I feel like I walked in during the middle of a movie. Is this part of a series? If so, what are the titles and reading order?

Author's Response: The first story is "The Neighborly Detective and the Tragic Woobie Widower," which is the long story that establishes the universe. Next is "A Promise Made," which is fairly short like this one. They ought to be showing as a series in the archive but I'll double check that tonight. I had problems figuring out the archive process. I'm happy you liked this one!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Tig (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 6:13 am
This was so funny, what with Rodney showing off his perfect family.

I love how you touched on the somewhat guilty feelings a widower can have when he meets someone new. It was just enough angst to spice the story, but not bring down the 'Aww' factor. Well done!

Author's Response: Rodney would so gloat over his wonderful family. I'm happy that you liked the touch of guilty feeling... I don't want Marie to be forgotten as part of the universe. Thank you!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: random_lurker (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 5:14 am
I love this 'verse. i agree with Rodney. "perfect" More please.

Author's Response: Thank you! :-) And yes, there will be.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 4:44 am
That was awesome! I like how we got to see how the SGC and Atlantis fit into this AU.

Author's Response: I think I'm going to play a bit more with the SGC and Atlantis - it's fun to develop the whole universe. Thank you for reading!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 3:46 am
Woot, more of my favorite story. I so love this little family.

Author's Response: Thank you! They're a really fun family to write.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 1:28 am
Awww... that's so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you!
Chapter 1