Reviews For Crossing the Line

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Reviewer: atymer (Signed)
11 Dec 2012 10:37 am
John wanted more. I am happy he got it.They are one hell of a team. :)

Author's Response: They certainly do make a good team. Thanks. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: merrymuse12 (Signed)
03 Jan 2008 3:18 am
Just...just, WOW!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
24 Dec 2007 1:37 am
Lovely. So very hot, yet full of angst too. I'm glad John finally realised he could let himself have it.


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: queixo (Signed)
22 Dec 2007 9:29 pm
very nice. multiple simultaneous penetrations is hard to write but you manage it well.

Author's Response: Thanks! It's sort of a spatial relationship puzzle -- fun to play with. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
20 Dec 2007 9:36 pm
Oh, man. I *love* team fics. Thanks so much! ;)

Author's Response: Go team! And thanks. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
20 Dec 2007 6:41 pm
Ok, wow.
I loved it.

Author's Response: Yay! And thanks. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: spacesplace (Anonymous)
20 Dec 2007 4:46 pm
Oh Momma!!! Your last line said it well..... "perfect!"

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Korilian (Signed)
20 Dec 2007 4:30 pm
All hail OT4, Lord of the porn kingdom. This was very hot.

Author's Response: LOL! Thank you. :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
20 Dec 2007 7:45 am
Wow...I am at a complete loss of words. I have never read the whole team together, but if they are all as HOT and good as yours I am hooked. So hot is melted the snow outside!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I find them very hot together and I'm glad it worked for you. :)
Chapter 1