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Reviewer: beachlass (Anonymous)
24 Oct 2008 2:15 pm
Wow. Great detective story, I appreciated the clues along the way, and the characterizations. And as with your other stories, the scenes stay so vividly with me...

And I think my heart is with Ronon's assessment - Maybe it doesn't matter that John is the mole - that his first loyalty is to the team and Atlantis.
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Reviewer: LirielViridian (Anonymous)
03 Aug 2008 10:09 pm
I know I'm hardly being original with my comment of 'wow', but every piece of feedback has to start somewhere.

So. Wow.

Part of my enjoyment of this fic was the fact that I generally like crime fiction, and you blended it with SGA splendidly - the style of writing, the throwaway clues, the fact that the puzzle gets solved and yet there is no happy ending... (and by the last scene I was almost, almost expacting it to just be fucked up. But nooo, you just had to add the 'McKay secured.' like a punch to the head, except nothing else would really fit, and I'm babbling, aren't I?)

The setting is lovely, and the details of the world - from the screened labs, the transporter that goes 'hic!', different physical aftereffects of the zats and stunners, to Bill Lee's family... Just wow. Also, there was something about the whole Mengele!Keller subplot that I found almost as disquieting as John's affiliations, in the end. (Disquieting in a good way, that is.)

I won't go into the way you handled the emotional complications, because gah. That's an enthusiastic babble for another time, I think.

What I was trying to say was... well, thanks.
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Reviewer: Astralia441 (Anonymous)
20 Jul 2008 10:06 pm
What a fantastic story right down to the last minute detail. It had suspense, mystery, twists, plenty of angst and lots of humor, not to mention a killer plot (pardon the pun)!! Your characters were dead on, as they always are - nobody can do John and Rodney banter like you do (... did you have to be so mean to Cam, though? I happen to love his character very much). You are an incredibly gifted writer and had me at the edge of my seat throughout the entire story, even after I figured out that John was the Mole (golf magazine order forms my foot!). I hoped against hope until that last crushing sentence that he would turn out to be the good guy after all, but alas ... Although - he is definitely more a grey villain than an entirely black one. I believe the "naturalization" into a Lantean affected his loyalties in favor of his new home more than he'd like to admit.

In any case - superb job, and I can't wait for another new story (just finished Ardhanarishvara last night, and it was also an outstanding and captivating tale). You rock, my Dear!!!!!
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Reviewer: Liz (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2008 9:52 am
OMG. I really didn't want Rodney to sleep with John at the end because I knew it was exactly what it was, and I'm not sure whether it made it better or a million times worse that Rodney knew that too. I really liked this - liked the fact that Elizabeth's death was an accident, liked the fact that she slept with Daniel, liked the way that everyone's guilty secrets intertwined to make everything more messy and more complicated. This was really gripping, really suspeseful and really painful to read.
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Reviewer: downloadable08 (Anonymous)
24 Mar 2008 7:04 am
Wow. That last line certainly packs a punch. I was fascinated watching it all play out: I figured things out a little before the characters, but just enough to make me feel smart and enjoy the reveal without making it seem obvious or trite. This is an amazing story--thank you for sharing it with us!

(There was one thing that threw me for a second: for the first round of interrogations, you have Teal'c paired up with Bates. The next time Teal'c is mentioned, he's paired with someone else. I couldn't tell if the switch was intentional or not, and it was a little confusing.)
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Reviewer: gail (Anonymous)
26 Feb 2008 7:38 am
Great writing. The character voices are so sharp.

I just wanted to tell Daniel to shut up because I knew Rodney would be crushed.
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Reviewer: Nadine (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2008 11:42 am
*shivers* This is a portrait of John Sheppard that is only too believable. You've done an amazing job with this story, I thank you for posting it.
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Reviewer: Wonderfoo (Anonymous)
10 Feb 2008 1:20 am
This was pretty good. It's like the SGA version of "No Way Out," tho' I like the McShep pairing way better than Kevin Costner and Sean Young.
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Reviewer: Jantique (Anonymous)
16 Jan 2008 5:12 pm
This story is brilliant! Packed with plot (I admire plot), great characterization--as one of the other reviewers said, there are many shades of gray. I hated/loved the ending. I look forward to reading your other stories.
Keep up the good writing!
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Reviewer: slashbluegreen (Anonymous)
12 Jan 2008 11:11 pm
really quite awesome. And so long, oh, I do love you for writing long SGA stories! Lovely suspence and plot, perfectly ambiguous Sheppard. A treat!
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Reviewer: ccmom (Anonymous)
06 Jan 2008 11:09 am
Holy Hell! Amazing job on this. Absolutely incredible. I got to the end and I'm sure my jaw hit the floor. Although, really, I should have expected, but I really wanted to believe otherwise. Great job! I shall bow at your alter.
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Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
26 Dec 2007 5:07 pm
I feel so sad for Elizabeth and Dr. Lee.

I'm not an optimistic person so, I don't know why I see the end of the story in a different way from the other reviewers, but I like what I thought.

Fantastic story, although I don't think I've read a story from you that it wasn't.

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Reviewer: Sorcha Luxor (Anonymous)
26 Dec 2007 2:18 pm
This was FANTASTIC. Clean, brilliant and brutal. I liked the nod to "No Way Out" towards the end. ;) You adapted the movie to a pitch-perfect Stargate SG-1/Atlantis adventure. Your characters were completely on point and pinged my brain to look at our favorites in a fresh, not-always complimentary light. And the communique at the very end was a brutal stab to the heart. I'll be thinking about this story all day at work. WELL DONE. May I add this to my Atlantis Fic Recs page on my website ( This one will certainly be saved in my favorites for a re-read in the very near future. Congrats - this is a structured, tight work of art.

Author's Response: Sure, go ahead add to your page. I'm deeply complimented. Here's gold star from me for catching the 'No Way Out' nod. (Am I the only person who liked the movie for the ending?) The plot goes back a lot farther than that one, though. I think it was based off something based off of 'The Big Clock'.
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Reviewer: Ellex (Signed)
25 Dec 2007 2:03 am
I love every word of this.
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Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
24 Dec 2007 6:40 am
Wow, this was good and I thought the golf thing was more important than was given credit for. Great story and a very good job! I feel for poor Bill Lee, since it was an acident. Thanks again.
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Reviewer: Ferwyn (Anonymous)
23 Dec 2007 5:56 am
OMG! All I can say is wow! You had me going until the very end. I couldn't read it all in one og, but I came back as soon as I could.
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Reviewer: Joykit (Anonymous)
23 Dec 2007 3:13 am
This is really good. I love the thought of John as a spy, but how can you just end it there. Please tell me there will be a sequel.
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Reviewer: Ezzie (Anonymous)
22 Dec 2007 11:31 pm
This is an amazing story. I've read alot of fanfiction, but none has reached me as much as this has. Incredibly good work! I hope you have a sequel planned, the end just about killed me. I feel bad for Rodney if John is playing him.
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Reviewer: ANonnyMouse (Anonymous)
22 Dec 2007 9:14 pm
Great story! I didn't get that John was Skorpion until Daniel was talking about ciphers at the end, where it hit me with all the force of a sledgehammer. The last line, of course, is the clincher. I do hope there's more! :)
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Reviewer: winter-elf (Anonymous)
22 Dec 2007 3:51 pm
oh god. *cries* I just stayed up all night reading and that last line is a killer!!!! NO!! You have a very intense style with all senses that is so lyrical and a pleasure to read. I was so hoping things would clear Sheppard. I was almost dreading the ending. ::sigh:: Poor Rodney, wanting John, and now, knowing he can't trust him at all. John strong reactions to Rodney, I'm now so unsure if was faking all the time or not. Very sad that. Rodney's got to prove to him the trust is bad news. Gah. Okay, what can I say, yes, I'm a sucker for good guys win and all that endings. And here's there's so many shades of grey. Please write more ;)
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