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Reviewer: merrymuse12 (Signed)
20 Jan 2008 3:25 am
*Squee!* Oh, my gosh!! John and Rodney have a date! *sighs happily* So sweet! I also loved Radek and McKay together. The two of them have this amazing dynamic and you were able to pull it off nicely.

I am so glad that you are done with your exams. As, I am sure, that you are, too.

Spot on as always! :)

Author's Response: So glad you approve of this chapter :) I really wanted to get Radek and Rodney's interaction right: their great dynamic is one of my favourite parts of SGA, so I'm really pleased you thought it worked.
rnI am so pleased the exams are over for the next few months.
The Week
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
19 Jan 2008 5:59 pm
I normally don't read WIPs, but I started reading your ff (because I usually click "completed only" and forget to do so, so I read it under the impression it was already completed. Dumb me!) and I totally love it!
I hope you do not let us wait too long, though (like I said, I'm not used to waiting for the next part *g*), and I really hope you're gonna finish it (I stopped reading WIPs when I read unfinished ones one time too many).

Author's Response: Thank you for letting me know that you like my story. I have every intention of finishing it, I'm working on the next chapter at the moment. Updates have just been a bit slow of late as a result of life, the universe, and everything ;)
The Office Party
Reviewer: Cynical (Signed)
18 Jan 2008 7:42 pm
Even if he is an ass, I have to thank Bates for this awesome premise. ^__^

Author's Response: Yes, despite being a git, Bates has proved to be somewhat useful in this story lol.
Getting To Know Meredith
Reviewer: Cynical (Signed)
18 Jan 2008 7:34 pm
*cackles and keeps reading* Brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks a million :D
The Office Party
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 6:39 pm
Good Luck on your exams! And I all I have say is NO BAD BATES...I can see it already...argh! Have mentioned my dislike for Bates?

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm happy to accept all positive wishes :) So, let me see, I get the feeling you're saying you aren't keen on Bates lol.
Damage Limitation
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 6:33 pm
t-shirt lending does that mean they are going steady? hehe...another well versed chapter...I am really enjoying this story and the dialog within!

Author's Response: T-shirt lending = geek lurve. The 'I'm with genius' t-shirt, and the other shirts in general, are by special request of merrymuse12 and Susan. Like me, they are fond of Rodney's geeky shirts, so I look forward to including more of the shirts whenever I get the chance :)
The Walk
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 6:24 pm
Another great chapter, full of warm fuzzies. It must be killing Susan not to have some torture going on...however, I think that it is good for her...maybe if we overwhelm her with warm fuzzies, she might a warm fuzzie of her own. Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job with your long fic...I wish I could say the same for myself as I have had writer's block for a month now!

Author's Response: This story originally came into my brain as an idea for a PWP but very quickly it became overwhelmingly warm and fuzzy :D Poor Susan has tried and tried to steer me onto the path of torture and unrelenting angst but so far the story is resisting her - she's been very gracious about it, and I seem to have been channelling my angst and torture inclinations into encouraging her fics :) Thanks so much for your kind words about this longer story - it's quite a challenge writing this but I'm enjoying it. I just hope writing gets easier the more you practice *crosses fingers* Publishing it online (thanks to Susan's encouragement) seems to help me - I feel like I owe the readers an ending and that I must keep writing. I'm the sort of person who finds guilt and pressure good motivators LOL Poor you, with writer's block - not nice for you, you have my sympathies!
Time To Wake Up
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 6:15 pm
Rodney taking care of Sheppard nice change of pace! Another great chapter.
The Morning After
Reviewer: atlantisone (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 6:03 pm
So I usually don't read WIPs, but curiousity won over. I'm really enjoying your story. I completely love Ford's hero worship of John. Tell me there will be more of that? And the fact that John going home with a guy didn't bother Ford one bit was just gravey. I'm glad that that little issue didn't change Ford's view of his hero. You should add a scene where Ford is talking to Mckay and all Ford does is talk about John and how great he is. I don't know, it just seems like thats something he would do based on the way he was talking about how John could go home with anyone.
I like the fact that you included the reason why Rodney joined the FBI and how caring he was of John well he was sick. I'm can't really remember many stories that have Rodney in a very caring way that you have written him. I like it.
I have this really bad feeling that John's happiness is about to be screwed by Bates. Ford maybe assured that Bates won't tell Rodney about the bet, but I'm not. Maybe John should be prepared just in case. I have this feeling that telling Rodney will be Bates' way of giving John the finger or F U when he leaves.
Like I said before loving the story. Can't wait for updates. Are we going to get a chance to see Teyla? Keep up the good work!!! Good luck on your exams!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for taking a look at my WIP and thank you for letting me know you like it. To my mind Ford really craves John's approval (in canon also) and he thinks that everything John does is just brilliant. I just want to avoid making him a complete sycophant in this story lol. I think Rodney has a caring side to his nature - in canon if he didn't care for others he wouldn't run himself into the ground to save everyone from the Wraith. So in my AU I decided to see how Rodney would turn out if he was given the chance to express that aspect of his personality. Thanks for the good wishes for the exams - all good vibes are gratefully accepted :D
Damage Limitation
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 5:17 pm
aww, that is such a great little moment between them, even if Sheppard wasn't awake to completely share in it...hehe

Author's Response: To my mind it seemed that John and Rodney are secretly both long to touch (and be touched) but that they're normally so barricaded behind their personal defences that they only get the chance to indulge their desire to touch others when they think they can get away without being discovered. Well, that's what was in my head when I wrote that scene - YMMV :)
Shepherding Sheppard
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 10:14 am
Why do Ford's reasurrances that Rodney will never find out fill me with dread? I'm pretty sure Bates is just the type of guy who would say something to Rodney, despite having lost the bet. I just hope John can sort it out if that happens. At least Ford was okay with the idea of John and Rodney.


Author's Response: Yes, funny how that feeling of dread is just looming isn't it? Bates being nasty?!?!!? Surely not! ;)
rnAs for Ford etc, I decided that as my AU doesn't have to deal with DADT issues that I was going to make the most of the freedom :)
Damage Limitation
Reviewer: the_cephalopod (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 9:38 am
I'm still really enjoying this. Best of luck this week! cep xxx

Author's Response: Hello. So chuffed that you're still enjoying it :D Thanks for the good wishes, can't wait until the exams are finished!
The Office Party
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 8:50 am
Nice addition, can see the set up, as we now there will be angst. Good luck on your exams.

Author's Response: I dithered over the set up so much, I'm really glad you like the direction it's going. Initially I couldn't make up my mind whether or not to give this story some angst, but in the end I decided to give it a go (thanks go to Susan for chatting things over with me). Thanks for the good wishes - can't wait till the exams are over!
Damage Limitation
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 5:35 am
You are doing an excellent job with a long the Sheppard pout!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, this writing longer fic thing is addictive but challenging - it doesn't quite come naturally to me, as yet. Hopefully practice will make things easier. Oh the Sheppard pout is just irresistible and soooo sexy!!!!
Things Click
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 5:34 am
hehe, another great chapter...

Author's Response: Ta very much :D
Getting To Know Meredith
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 5:34 am
Argh, I can't stand Bates! But I love his taste in choice! Great start.

Author's Response: Yup, his choice of Rodney is the only thing Bates has going for him :)
The Office Party
Reviewer: Tig (Anonymous)
16 Jan 2008 2:57 am
Nice story! I like John's whole approach to the bet being that he'd get Rodney to make a pass at him and let him down gently. Not quite what happened, eh? lol

Also, the whole bet thing? I'm of two minds on how Rodney would react to it. I see him being a bit hurt, but I think he'd be easy for John to convince him of his sincerity. After all, sick or not, John could have left the apt at any time.

Author's Response: Yes John's original plan was definitely screwed up by the force of nature that is one Rodney McKay :)
rnI hope I can write Rodney's reaction convincingly when it comes to it!
Damage Limitation
Reviewer: merrymuse12 (Signed)
16 Jan 2008 1:17 am
Uh, oh! Sounds like there is going to be trouble in paradise! I hope not too much, though. Absolutly stunning, Ciar! Love, love, love it! Especially the awkwardness after lunch.:)

Don't let exams get you down!!

Author's Response: Well I'm sure that the lads will get things sorted out......eventually :) I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading this, and thanks for letting me know which bits you like :D Can't wait till this term's exams are over. When they're finished I get a week off and I plan to do very little (except write more of this story obviously *g*).
The Office Party
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
16 Jan 2008 12:43 am
Thanks for the update! I bet John's REALLY going to regret not telling Rodney about the bet. Bates will totally tell him because he expects it to mess up their new friendship/relationship. I look forward to the next update!

Author's Response: So glad you're enjoying this story. John Sheppard should have listened to his Irish Granny - a lie never stays secret when you need it to :(
Damage Limitation
Reviewer: Donna (Anonymous)
15 Jan 2008 8:58 pm
Appreciate the hard work - please write more chapters! Pretty please? I have enjoyed reading all so far!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words. I'm really looking forward to finishing this story when I have more free time later this month :)
The Walk